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I'm Sick

 Seriously you guys, I am SO SICK, and I have been stupidly engaging in presenteeism even though I am STRONGLY DISAPPROVING when other people do it. It's not because I think I owe anything to the school board (oh my goodness I do not). It's not because I have delusions of grandeur about how important my job is - wait, maybe I do, because at some of my schools my classes have already missed two weeks of library because of EQAO (which necessitated students writing exams in the library), and it's almost the end of the year, which means most of the librarians are closing the library to circulation soon if not now, and I really didn't want to make them miss one of the last library periods.  Also, and I am putting myself out there so try to be kind, I have realized that there is a dumb little part of people-pleasing oldest-child self that always suspects that if I call in sick people think I'm faking, so it's a tiny bit gratifying to go in and have people say oh my GO

What Day Even Is It?

 We headed to Ithaca Friday afternoon, got there and met Angus for dinner, a few hours after he successfully defended his master's thesis. We had to stay in Elmira forty minutes away, in the same hotel we stayed in visiting him all through undergrad, due to how late we booked, but it was kind of fun going back there. Saturday we went to the brunch for the Health and Exercise Science faculty and hung out with Angus and his supervisor and profs, which was really cool. Then went to the grad ceremony, then dinner, then drove home. Then there was still Sunday and Monday of the long weekend, so I've been confused about what day it is all week. I was feeling kind of insanely allergic to everything in Ithaca, then Sunday was snotty and coughish all day. Monday felt fine, Tuesday took my mom shopping, all good. Yesterday I woke up and got ready for work without talking to anyone because Matt is in Boston and Eve was still sleeping (she got up and weeded the back yard while I was at work

Oops I Did it Again

"I will blog again before a week and a half goes by". Reader, she did not. It's fine. This is fine. Everything is fine.  Lucy's improving. I'm making it to work. We cleaned the house yesterday before my parents came over for Mother's Day. The windows are rotting out of the frames and we have ants, but, you know, it's clean. I was tired and out of sorts because I'm having a violent resurgence of every-night Restless Leg Syndrome and it sucks beyond belief, but it was still fun. I don't love the mall, and typically when I go I go Monday to Wednesday so it's dead, and yet I inexplicably asked Eve if she wanted to go to the mall. On Saturday. And we did, and it was super fun! We got a not-terrible parking place, it was busy but not insanely so, and we met some fun sales people (along with one catastrophically bad young man at Bluenotes - mumbly, sullen, negative-fifty-fucks to give - who was so bad it was enjoyable).  The last time we went looking

Hello Yes I Am Here

 Lucy is doing really well, and Eve is home, and work has been quite enjoyable. I have also been feeling like I am teetering at the edge of a giant sucking depression vortex. I knew that some kind of emotional backlash was likely after the intense two weeks alone with Lucy recovering. At this point I am kind of viewing the cyclical depression thing as a bout of the flu or a spate of bad weather. Rest, fluids, raincoat, galoshes (?) Anyway, I have sat down to blog a few times and been repelled from the computer by some kind of magnetic force field. Let me list some good things that happened. Nicole's fabulous ass was IN MY KITCHEN CHAIR FOR AN ENTIRE AFTERNOON. Except when it was helping me do a rehab walk with Lucy. It was so lovely. We talked and talked, over and under each other, we laughed, we ate guacamole and Macintosh apples, she snuggled Lucy, who was as besotted with her as I am. When she texted that she was on her way I texted that I was just making guacamole. My phone din