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Turning It Off Then Back On

Apparently that's what the universe decided to do to me, hence the accidental hiatus. I finished my year-end book review (rather triumphantly, I thought), went for a physical and got a (more-or-less) clean bill of health, then was immediately felled by three or four passing opportunistic viruses. You know that moment when you finally realize that stumbling around trying to pretend you can still cook stuff and keep a reasonably orderly house and parent your children and put words together in order is just pathetic and is fooling no one and it's a giant relief to go to your bedroom and collapse and snarl at anyone who ventures near without a root beer popsicle or a strong sedative? No? Just me? In the midst of the first virus, I proved how much I love my daughter by taking her to the mall for a birthday shopping trip. While sick. On a Friday. On a P.D. Day. In winter. I further demonstrated my devotion when the last small size of a shirt she wanted wasn't on the shelf, so I