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 I'm just going to park some pictures and some simple descriptions here because I am ping-ponging between keeping myself just-a-little-bit-too busy to avoid missing my kids and overthinking things during the time of year when I am extremely prone to overthinking things. Some of the things going on have been: -Going for a canoe paddle with my friend Dani, something I've been wanting to do for a long time. I was a bit apprehensive because 1) I haven't paddled in probably five years and I am markedly out of shape and 2) I am clumsy and lack balance and I was afraid I would fall in the river. Dani assured me that I would have to work really hard to fall in the river. I fell in the river. Dani swears it was her fault. I think it was probably her fault, because I was just sitting in the front of the canoe and she jumped in the back and then I was in the river, but the fact remains that in an entire summer of people canoeing with Dani, only I fell in. It was a warm night and I was

Walking and Moving and Listening and Trying Not To

 Things are pretty good. Angus is having a really good time being back at school, although he was questioning his life choices a bit when I talked to him Sunday (something about jungle juice with the team Saturday night, I didn't pursue it). He's set up some shadowing at the hospital in cardiology and radiology, trying to figure out what his path is after this year. Eve FaceTimes me pretty much every night, so I still get the Daily Download, from classes to meals to the giant-ass spider that lives outside her dorm window - I originally thought it was inside and wondered why she was so calm about it. She has to wear a mask if she goes anywhere, but she CAN go places - to empty lecture halls to study with friends from her program, to meals, to bonfires and parties. It's not what it would have been pre-Covid, but it's not what it would have been last year. I just read something about how some people believe that happiness stems less from how well things go than from whethe

Well, Here I Am

 In my big empty house (well, there's a husband around here somewhere), because apparently it's not MATURE to expect your kids to just HANG AROUND FOREVER just because they're funny and nice and you like being with them and they, like, CAME OUT OF YOUR BODY or whatever, but I'm supposed to let them GROW and BE FREE and FIND THEIR OWN PATH and shit. I have to LIVE MY OWN LIFE now or some crap along those lines.  Hmph. We moved Eve in last Wednesday and stayed until Saturday. Her residence is new and beautiful and, in a hilarious turn of events, absolutely dwarfs the puny residence Matt and I lived and met and felt like hot shit in, which is right next to it. I thought I took a picture illustrating the difference, but I guess I was too bowled over by the big res.  Her room is wonderful, which is just such a gift, because she loves her room at home and it's her sanctuary and it was so hard to leave it, and the fact that she could kind of recreate that will really help.