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Death, Birth, Life

So, my friend died. And then my other friend died. One I had only met in person once, and we kept making plans to get together that never quite materialized. One I had never met in person and it was unlikely that I ever would. This doesn't really matter - Nicole summed up nicely how Internet friendships are not in any way inferior copies of real-life friendships here and here . It does mean that I'm very aware of not being anything close to a primary mourner, but I am heartsick and bereft and can't even imagine how devastated their families are. I also got kind of scared to open Facebook, which was where I found out about both (very unexpected) deaths. My husband came home and said "My Facebook was blowing up about Greg from Science School" and I started tearing up before he could spit out that Greg wasn't dead, it was just really cool that now his daughter was going to the same Science School where my husband met him. Then my dad had a sudden-onset crippli

Halting and Catching Fire

It's been a strange, exhausting few weeks. I'm happy about some things, sad about some things, and my computer keeps overheating and shutting off every few minutes. But I'm still here. And I just realized I really want to talk about all of it. So stick around if you feel like it, okay?