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Pam: "Come on, let's go to the gym." Me: "But it's Monday. Who wants to go to the gym on Monday?" Pam: "We always go to the gym on Monday. It's our gym day." Me: "Didn't we just go to the gym yesterday?" Pam: "That was LAST MONDAY." Me: "What are we doing at the gym." Pam: "Cardio and weights." Me: "What kind of weights?" Pam: "Arm and leg." Me: "We did that last time. You have to rest your arms or legs between sessions. Or something." Pam: "NOT WHEN YOU ONLY GO ONCE A WEEK." Me: "How about we just go cupcake shopping?" Pam: "You realize that in real life Mindy Lahiri would probably be very unhealthy and have no friends, right?" Me: *grumpily picks up gym bag*