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Slay-Bells Ring

 I don't even know when I meant to post that, and now it's the 27th and I should PROBABLY change the title to something cheesy like That's a Wrap. I'm always amazed at the people that keep blogging through Christmas, but then I am barely standing by the end of Christmas Eve.  Our Christmas routine for the past several years has been that my parents (and my sister's family if they're here) come over here on Christmas Eve and I do the food, mostly in appetizer form. Christmas morning we get up and open presents with the kids, then go to my parents' house for breakfast (where my sister's family sleeps if they're here) and exchange more gifts, and then separate for the afternoon, and dinner is here - Matt cooks the turkey, I make biscuits and my mom does sides. This means that most of my work is done by the end of Christmas Eve when I fill the stockings and put the presents out.  We used to go to my parents' place for dinner but as they've gotten

Vision of Salted Toffee Pretzel Bark Dancing in Your Head

There was at least one request for this in the comments and a couple from Facebook. You're welcome in advance, everyone. I would like to take credit for making this recipe up, but all I did was think "man, chocolate bark would be great with pretzels in it - I'll bet someone is already on that" and google "chocolate pretzel bark". *trumpet fanfare*...... The Recipe . Oh, while I'm here, I totally did say fuck it and blow off all my remaining Christmas responsibilities to go to the Christmas market with Eve's BFF and her mom who is now my BFF. Mother-daughter double date (plus Piper in her Santa wrap) for the extreme win. It was cold and clear and magical and we sampled Vodkow and drank hot cider and bought a few Christmas presents and marveled at the beauty of a thousand tiny lights in the winter darkness. Davis wasn't there to sing the opening of All I Want for Christmas for the radio people this year, but she joined us afterwards at Marianna

Pre-Christmas Round-Up

 I didn't feel like I had time to clean my bedroom this morning. I don't feel like I have time to blog right now. But both of those things make me feel happy and slightly accomplished, so here we are.  I have written and sent 43 Christmas cards and have four more to deliver locally, and I believe it is time to call it done and clean the Christmas-card-carnage off the kitchen table. I did do a card and a five-page letter for Matt's aunt who I didn't get to last Christmas, and all year I told myself "just do it now" and somehow couldn't. She is Matt's Nana's younger sister and when I met her at Nana's funeral she knew everything about me being a librarian and the kids and she is smart and funny and I do really want to keep in touch with her, especially with my mother-in-law gone now (fuck cancer). I already got a reply from her, so that was lovely.  Sarah 's card is so perfect and wonderful it makes me feel like an absolute chump for only hav