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Overheard in Mexico

"You're photo-bombing my drink with your junk." "Is that a problem?" "I'm just afraid it will make my 'delicious and refreshing' caption a little confusing." Did you miss me keeping your lives all classy? 

Place and Face Problems

We're going on vacation in a few days, which is nice but problematic because I've just concluded that I probably shouldn't be allowed out in public until I get my winter weirdness under control. A couple of weeks ago Eve and I went snow tubing with friends, back to this place . I knew it was going to be a game-day decision whether we went - I had been sick, Eve had been sick, Matt was in Japan, Angus had baseball. Instead of making a Plan A, in which we didn't go, and a Plan B, in which we did, I made no plans at all other than getting Angus a ride to and from baseball, until Eve got up in the morning and said "sure, let's go, it'll be fun." We had already overslept slightly, so we literally reached out and grabbed four or five of the closest things to hand, whether or not they related to snow tubing, and jumped in the car. So yeah. We got there and realized that Eve, after I told her to take off her snow pants because wearing them all the way there

Let Me Finnish

I am slow right now. Slow and tired and not smart. I think I should start leaving myself notes every night for what I need to do the next day, because I keep thinking I'll remember and I don't.  Stand up Walk to bathroom Shower I stood in the kitchen for five minutes trying to figure out what to do with myself before picking Eve up for her dermatologist appointment. Dry hair Put on clothes Go downstairs I've started my first placement at the elementary school where my kids used to go. It's awesome. I mean, it sucks that the librarian doesn't have nearly as many hours as she needs to get stuff done, but it also means I had a list of projects before the end of the first day, I can really see my work and she's SO happy to have me there. And I get to see all the teachers again. And the kids are mostly really sweet - one yesterday asked why I was there and when I told her she said "well THAT's nice!"  Eat food Chec