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Narcissistic is the New Insightful: Cranky Book Review

OH MY GOD I'M SO SICK. On the whole I still feel better than I did on Saturday. But having turfed the inhaler that was making me nauseous, I have had a few coughing attacks that have bordered on the truly frightening -- blood vessels bursting in my eyes, feeling like my jaw is going to dislocate, unable to keep my balance. My voice sounds like this . My kids are kind of freaked out, which also means they're being very sweet and helpful (but they're freaked out. Angus passed me last night in the kitchen bent over the sink in case I coughed until I projectile-vomited again and went upstairs, and then Eve came down and said 'Angus said I shouldn't come down. He said you were coughing a lot and I should wait and see you upstairs.') So I'm going to do a book review, because I haven't been doing enough book reviews, and I'm not sure it's fair to do it cranky, because the book already made me a little cranky, but what the hell, I've never ma

Wordless Wednesday: Random Pictures of Eve Rockin' the 'Tude

Kelly at The Miller Mix was showcasing her pint-sized diva today. I'm sick and uninspired and all about being derivative:

....and now less so

Have I mentioned that I love you all and you look pretty? Thank-you for saying the stuff that I knew I should be telling myself but all sounds more logical and believable coming from someone else. Family day was good. We took the kids for a walk on the Jack Pine Trail to try to feed some chickadees. We saw squirrels, woodpeckers and yes, chickadees, but they were all overfed and ungrateful chickadees who wouldn't condescend to eat from our hands this time. We'll have to go back and steal all their feeder seeds and then see who is too good to eat off of whose mittens. Hmph. It was a nice walk anyway, sunny and cold and pretty. The frozen sap in the trees was creaking and groaning and the trees were swaying -- Angus said it sounded kind of like it did on the ship when the ocean got rough. Except this time I didn't throw up, because I finally figured out by process of elimination that it was one of my inhalers making me hurl. Funny how a few days of crippling nausea

Sick and Sad and Scared

I don't feel well. I don't have cancer. Our friend Carlo, a nice man and great baseball coach who's been fantastic with Angus has cancer. Susan from Toddler Planet has cancer. Patti's friend Denise has cancer. I'm just having a little go-round with the frailty of the body, and discovering that 'mind over matter' is largely a wagonload of horseshit, and it's unpleasant. I've had something respiratory sucking the energy out of me since January, and now something I'm taking for that -- my inhaler or the antibiotics or the cough stuff I take at night -- is making me unable to keep any food down for the majority of the day, and unable to move without feeling dizzy and really nauseous before I throw everything up. The kids are kind of worried and freaked out and I feel guilty about the stuff I can't do with them and frustrated and a little scared because I know it's probably nothing major but it's just so weird and I can't figu

We call it "Fifteen Seven-Year-Olds Throw Down on a Poor Defenseless Canvas"


Laughter is the best medicine. Well, no, antibiotics are the best medicine. But laughter is good.

Made it to the doctor, finally. Doesn't it suck that you have to go to the doctor when you're sick? I mean, figuring out who's going to get the kids after school, fighting the downtown traffic, squeezing into the parking lot, taking off your slushy boots and figuring out whether it's better to get wet socks or put the little booties on and feel like a moron -- all of that is not fun when you're in tiptop shape. When you're sneezing/wheezing/hacking/shivery/achy it borders on cruel and unusual punishment. So it turns out I really am sick. Aggravated airways, raging sinus infection, chest infection, maybe some kind of eyebrow cancer (not really). My doctor prescribed a double round of antibiotics and told me I should go home and go to bed. Then we laughed because, as if. But still, it was nice to hear. I'm all about external validation, and if it comes in the guise of "no, you're not just lazy, you really are packed to the rafters with nasty, l

The Naked Truth

I've done everything possible to avoid blogging for the last couple of days, from cleaning the kitchen to sorting obsessively through old photos, from sleeping eighteen hours to cutting out twenty-three paper hearts for Eve's valentines. There's a pair of boys' cargo pants sitting on the dresser by the front door that we bought at Wal-Mart before the cruise because Angus had no lightweight pants for formal night, so we went to Wal-Mart the night before we left even though I hate Wal-Mart and hate it even more now that they have groceries, and bought two pairs of pants in two different sizes so we could return the one that didn't fit, and then I washed the ones that fit before we left and left them in the dryer and forgot to pack them anyway ( fuck ) and now the pair that didn't fit is on top of the dresser and I keep opening the top drawer to verify that I have the receipt but I still keep not taking them back because, well, I HATE Wal-Mart, and I'm not sure

Greyness. And Colour.

Everything kind of sucks. I've had one kid or another home from school at least one day a week for three weeks now, I thought I was better but it turns out my cough from hell was just giving me a three or four day lull so it would be doubly dispiriting when it showed up, it's cold, my house is a mess and no matter how much I stare at the mess with hatred and disgust it refuses to melt away either from shame or in helpless acquiescence to my focused mental power. So much for my focused mental power - guess I should stop exposing it to bad medical dramas. Today we found out that one of my husband's really good friends from baseball coaching is going for brain surgery tomorrow, after he collapsed last week and they found several growths in his brain. So now I feel awful for him and his family, and a little extra self-loathing for my petty crap, and yet I still don't feel especially inspired or suddenly un-petty.  I'm going to show you the pictures of Eve's birt

Thoughts upon watching too much tv on a Friday Night

Is there really any doubt that a company called Massive Dynamic is going to be evil and soulless and perform horrible experiments that pervert the human form and fly in the face of nature?  Is there anyone in this doctor's office who hasn't slept with any available partner of the opposite sex? And given the fact that one member of the staff has died after a car accident shortly after losing his wife in a meth lab explosion, one was attacked and had her baby slashed out of her and one was beaten up in her office, why in hell do people keep applying to work there? And how do they have time to treat any damned patients in between humping each other in closets, sewing each other up and helping each other through their various traumas?  This was freakin' hilarious. No complaints there.  I want to shoot the mini-pop kids .  You know when you're watching a show about doctors and then you fast-forward through the commercials and then there's a commercial that's abo

Wordless Wednesday: Helping With Hair