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Partings of Various Descriptions

 We are back from Thunder Bay and I have spent a couple of days just reading and trying to survive the heat. First of all, I want to thank Tudor (HI TUDOR) for her wise and helpful suggestions on my last post, both of which I am following immediately. I also want to thank Pat for telling me I will stop being sad - even if it feels wholly untrue, it is the kind of thing that is good to hear. And everyone else for sympathy and commiseration. I talked to Jody (HI JODY) as she drove home from Montreal after dropping off Davis at McGill and, well, there was snot in copious and bountiful amounts. Eve's BFF since day one of JK was supposed to fly to Vancouver (many provinces away) on Thursday with her family to get settled in for a week or so before starting drama school. We dropped Eve off on the way home from the airport near midnight, with her suitcase, so she could join the good-bye party when we landed and Eve turned her phone back on, her friends had sent a picture of the plane flyi

Raging Against the Dying of the Light and Various Other Things

 I keep trying to put off blogging until I feel like I can be funny again. I do not feel like I can be funny again. My mother-in-law's memorial is next week-end and we're going to Thunder Bay and I keep feeling like we're going to visit her, and then remembering she's not going to be there. We've been going through pictures for a slideshow which is a really great way to remember how much we loved her and how much it sucks that she's dead. I recognize that it is a gift that I had a mother-in-law who was such a great friend. I'm happy that we will be together with people who also miss her after we've all spent the year grieving separately. It's just all kinds of wrong that we buried her mother at 95 just a couple of years before we lost her at barely 70 (which sounds churlish, in a way - 70 would have sounded like a perfectly fortunate crack at life when I was younger. We want too much. We are given an embarrassment of riches and we still want more. In