Books Read in 2021: Three-Star.... Stuff. Also, boobs and worrying.

I had a mammogram last week and the imaging place has since called back and booked me for a repeat mammogram and ultrasound this Friday. Rationally I know this is not uncommon and odds are things are fine. Irrationally, I am spiraling a bit, bouncing from realizing there's no point worrying right now to a yawning, cavernous terror. The ill-advised internet research I've done made me feel a bit better - ten percent of women who have mammograms are called back for repeats, and only about .5 percent of those are cancer. Then it made me feel a bit worse - they said they want to look at the outer part of my left breast and (weirdly) breast cancer is more often found in the outer part of the breast and on the left side of the body.  This is all in addition to the indignity of the actual procedure. It wasn't that bad, but I did make a comment about it being a little depressing how floppy they were, and the technician assured me that mine were by far not the floppiest she'd wor

Books Read in 2021: Three-Star Fantasy and Horror

My allergies are horrendously bad this week. I don't know why, it's minus a million out (-37 with the windchill yesterday), am I allergic to ice? Eve is doing online school between dentist appointments (she got a cleaning on Monday and had to go back today for a small filling). Today I brought her a breakfast sandwich with apple slices and some animal crackers and she said gleefully "omg, it looks like a second-grader's lunch, I love it", and FaceTimed her friends to make them jealous.  Our premier in his infinite wisdom is opening schools again starting Monday. I'm completely confused about the new rules, except that it sounds like they're not notifying people who are close contacts of positive cases anymore, which sounds super stupid, and they're sending home rapid tests for symptomatic people to use. We used rapid tests a couple of times over the holidays before seeing people, and everything turned out fine, but from what I've heard about the re

Books Read in 2021: Three-Star Non-Fiction and Mystery

Three-Star Non-Fiction Lean Out: A Meditation on the Madness of Modern Life by Tara Henley: synopsis from Goodreads:  INSTANT NATIONAL BESTSELLER "Beautifully written, brimming with insight and reassurance--I'm so grateful for this book." -Olivia Sudjic, author of  Exposure "Provocative and convincing." -- Winnipeg Free Press A deeply personal and informed reflection on the modern world--and why so many feel disillusioned by it. In 2016, journalist Tara Henley was at the top of her game working in Canadian media. She had traveled the world, from Soweto to Bangkok and Borneo to Brooklyn, interviewing authors and community leaders, politicians and Hollywood celebrities. But when she started getting chest pains at her desk in the newsroom, none of that seemed to matter. The health crisis--not cardiac, it turned out, but anxiety--forced her to step off the media treadmill and examine her life and the stressful twenty-first century world around her. Henley was not a