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Tuesdays on the Margins: The Library at Mount Char (for real this time)

Okay, to revisit the post where I talked about this and then went off on several tangents and didn't actually get around to this actual book - a bunch of books on my ereader that sounded cool and different and exciting, wasn't sure how it would actually turn out, would they realize their promise of transportation and transcendence or would all be mushy mediocrity, blah blah blah..... HOLY SHIT THIS BOOK BLEW MY MIND. I hate saying that, because I'm fresh off a couple of books that were EXCEEDINGLY mediocre and the Goodreads reviews were ravingly positive (remember how I resolved to only read good books for a while? Turns out it's hard to tell a good book from an indifferent book sometimes, and when they're on your Kindle already... well, let's not talk about it, it's still a little painful). But you know me - you know I don't say this kind of thing about a book lightly, right? Goodreads synopsis:  Neil Gaiman meets Joe Hill in this astonishingly

The Giving of the Thanks

It's hard not to be thankful when your sister (who poses for pictures so much more gracefully than her daughter) Turns her kick-ass attic into a Hogwarts dormitory for this motley crew; and a visit to the shoe outlet results in this kind of entertainment;  I mean, seriously? Yep, seriously. (My sister is tall. My niece has really good balance). AND it's warm enough for Eve to handily beat Angus at 21 (several times) in short sleeves; and there's a schoolyard next door where she can practice being a badass (a touch more practice might be in order); and when I say 'oh wait, we need a turkey-carving picture', my ever-gracious brother-in-law gives me this: and, well, in the spirit of full disclosure.... and, of course, So full. On so many levels. 

Mondays on the Margins: The Library at Mount Char by Scott Hawkins

The other day I visited the Ottawa Public Library's website, as I do every few days, to see what I needed to renew and return. I had to look at my list a couple of times to confirm that, for the first time ever, I only had ebooks out. Nothing to return. Just a bunch of stuff that would go * poof * when its due date arrived and vanish into the ether. I've had a succession of books come available that I'd been waiting for eagerly. Well, sort of eagerly. They were all books that sounded really cool and different and exciting when I read about them. As we all know, there are two ways this can go (that's total bullshit, there are a veritable multitude of ways this can go, but I'm bad at math and my husband is in Korea and there aren't enough iterations of me to effectively drive everywhere and cook everything and walk everything that needs to be driven and cooked and walked right now so I'm choosing to call it two, DO YOU WANT TO MAKE SOMETHING OF IT???); eith