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Little League World Series Diary VERY LAST POST EVER probably

So.... after this we went back to the hotel for the night. I was driving Angus home, plus Coach Brian and his son Clay. They were one of the families that had a kid that won both Major and Junior Nationals, so Brian's wife Sarah had been in Alberta with their older son for Nationals, then home for two days and then off to Williamsport for the LLWS. When Brian asked if she was coming down to Toronto to pick up him and Clay, she said "No." Well, there might have been a few other colourful verbs and adjectives surrounding that, but the general thrust of the answer was negative, on many levels.  We had to have the boys downtown in Ottawa the next day for interviews with CTV and CBC. We figured we'd be home for a couple hours, then carpool downtown in a few cars. I asked Brian what time he wanted to leave. He said not first thing, otherwise we'd just end up sitting in traffic. There was an accident. We ended up sitting in traffic.  Well, what can

Little League World Series Diary: Day Fourteen or something, dunno, it's all a blur at this point

So we got home, and Matt left for Washington. (Before we left, there was talk of the coaches taking the kids to see a baseball game in Baltimore. Matt was telling this to me and Eve and saying that the crazy part was that then they would be really close to where he was on business in Washington. Eve and I were saying "so they're at the biggest baseball tournament in the country and the coaches want to bus them two hours another baseball game. And THAT'S not the CRAZY part?") On Sunday, they were bussed back to Toronto to be hosted at the Blue Jays game. I drove down to Toronto, had a minor panic attack when my GPS couldn't find the hotel, called Matt and asked if he had time to help me, looked for a place to pull over and then suddenly found myself across the street from the hotel. I checked in and walked to the Rogers Centre. The boys were on the field. They were given jerseys with their names and numbers on them (their East Nepean numbers, not t

Little League World Series Diary: Day 8

We were going home today, so we were sad. We took one last drive to the park. We passed that weird blue bubble thing one last time. We took one last look at this view. ESPN had dropped us like a hot potato after our last loss. Enh, whatever. It was fun and deeply weird while it lasted, ESPN. Eve lightening the mood with a little photo-bombing, after stealing my sunglasses. And then I caught sight of this and got all choked up again. It was our consolation game against Puerto Rico. All the kids who barely got to play were used for pitching and got to hit in the regular rotation, so Angus was hardly in the game, but every time he was on the diamond he was smiling. Kids who hadn't gotten a hit the whole series were suddenly hitting up a storm. It was like all the pressure and tension just faded away, and they were all just playing baseball again. I suddenly understood a lot better why most of the teams stay for the whole series. If they