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What I've Been Doing While I'm Not Blogging: Part Three

Driving downtown on a HOLIDAY MONDAY with Collette and our daughters. Eve said "OMG, these tulips are so Amity and the white one is so Divergent" *GASP* "And look inside, it's Dauntless!" Looking at Parliament buildings. And gargoyles. Eve being freaked out by the Whispering Wall (although if I'd pointed out that her head was directly below a boob, it probably would have generated a similar expression) Letting our daughters pose with statues of political figures... ...with increasing levels of disrespect. Having fancy drinks in a perfectly shaded patio spot. Eve was adamant that she didn't need help cutting her pizza. It was entertaining. Then we had gelato and drove home along the canal. I had the dubious pleasure of hearing Jason Derulo's Talk Dirty song for the first time. I said "did he seriously just say 'your booty don't need explaining'?" Everyone assured m

What I've Been Doing While I'm Not Blogging: Part Two

Looking at things I love.  Tulips. More tulips. Really cool tulips that look like they'd glow in the dark. Dandelions (yeah, they're annoying, but they have such cheerful tenacity, the little bastards) The canal. Pam. And my beer.

What I've Been Doing While I'm Not Blogging

Cooking for another gourmet dinner party.  I got the recipe from an LCBO Food & Drink Magazine It was called a terrine. A more accurate description would be "meat, mixed with other meat..." "....layered with other meat..." "...wrapped in bacon." I had to call my husband in for an engineering consult. We swaddled it and bathed it as tenderly as we would an infant. A meat infant, that we were going to roast and eat. Okay, bad simile. We stuck it in the fridge and weighed it down with cans to squish down all the layers (NEVER NEVER do this with a baby). Look, there are pistachios and dried cherries in it - it's practically trail mix! Okay, admittedly, I picked this terrine recipe because it was less jellified than all the others, and there was STILL a higher degree of slipperiness than I'm generally comfortable with (sorry if I just made you gag, Nicole ). But it was actually insanely delic


First of all, apparently my Wednesday should have been a little less wordless, because LOOK AGAIN people - he's been taller than me for years, the funny part is that we're WEARING THE SAME COLOURS. I can't even pull off a decent internet sight gag. Sigh. This Thursday totally didn't start out surly. My husband was away Monday and Tuesday and baseball season has started and naturally Angus's two games were Monday and Tuesday, I still haven't gotten new orthotics and I needed to get Angus's laundry done and suitcase packed for his grade 8 trip to Quebec City AND I volunteered for Eve's class's field trip to the Science and Tech Museum ALL DAY Wednesday, so Monday through Wednesday were a solo-parenting, running-up-and-down-the-stairs, sweaty, overtired, carbo-loading blur (oh, except I had a lovely walk through the tulips with Pam on Monday, shut up, don't interrupt my rant, right after the tulips things got VERY DIFFICULT). Today Angus is IN Que

Wordless Wednesday: So This Happened...

Hint: It's not about the height, it's about the colours. Which caused Eve to squeal "those are Amity colours!" Which caused Angus to say "I'm going to change."

It's the Day After Angus's Fourteenth Birthday

So here, have a bunch of pictures of Angus. ***************** The Thug Life ******************* ****************** *************** ************** ******************** ********************* ***************** "I think if human beings had genuine courage, they would wear their costumes every day" ~Douglas Coupland ****************** ****************** ******************* *************** *********************** ********************** ********************* ********************* ****************** ******************* ***************** **************** **************** ******************** **************** ************** ***************** ************** ************* ***