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A Friend For Dragon

 Last week was the last library visit for my classes at Thursday school. Several of them didn't come, which was fine, and foreseeable - the actual last visit was supposed to be the week before, but since the library had been closed for three out of the last five Thursdays for EQAO (barf) and vaccines (hard to argue with that one), I offered the opportunity for classes who still wanted to come.  My last class of the day is the grade three class I love, who I always do storytime with. I was sort of thinking we wouldn't do storytime, because I still didn't have much of a voice and the library was hot AF. I put their cards out on the table, and when they came in I told them they could just go pick books. They said "no" as a group, and walked over to the storytime circle and sat down.  I kind of loved this, obviously, even though my reading glasses were sweating right off my face by the end. I let one of the kids pick the story and it worked out well. This was very stu

I'm Mostly Better

 First, I FINALLY made something from Suzanne's dinner list, except I've been sick and it's been hot and I got kind of confused and made a bunch of different stuff that didn't EXACTLY add up to a whole meal, but I think it will at some point. Honey Chipotle Chicken! Lime cilantro black beans! I couldn't find my fucking quinoa! So I couldn't make crispy quinoa for the salad OR lime quinoa for the honey chipotle chicken bowls, but I'm going to make the salad tomorrow and have it with black beans and chicken and maybe Matt will go out and buy me some quinoa if I ask extra nicely. Apparently I have Chronic Laryngitis now (not really, I think this is just something they say when your voice goes away for more than three weeks and they don't want to say 'we don't fucking know what's going on'), and we were under a heat advisory for much of the week, but Sarah is blogging from the beach so that's probably not a good excuse for how lame I'

I'm Sort of Better

 "I'm so late commenting you're probably well by now" said Engie, IF ONLY. Man, that sucked. I'm not sure my voice is ever coming back, but I am now feeling better enough that I am panicking about how little I've accomplished over the past couple of weeks, which is SUPER HELPFUL for a healthful recovery. It was a bit of a funny weekend. Not for normal people, probably. I usually think of my winter depression lifting by March, but I feel like perimenopause is complicating everything, and I have been treading water a bit until now. I did get really sick in January and May, though, so maybe I'll just calm down. I've been in the kind of weird reading spot where I bury myself in books - buying new books, looking up new books in the library database, reading ABOUT books but not reading THE books as much. I suddenly realized I hadn't posted anything in my Book Bingo Facebook group since January. I was SIX BOOKS BEHIND in my Goodreads reading challenge at