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Don't Be a Pill

 Okay, in the series of posts of things I'm a little embarrassed about: medication. I would like to say I'm not at all embarrassed about the medications I take, which is much more true than it was a few years ago. My mother mentioned the other day that her doctor was shocked that she doesn't take any daily medication, and she's eighty in September, so I get being a little ... not proud, I guess, because most of it she didn't really control, but happy? I take .... adds in head, takes an unforgivably long time .... six or seven pills in the morning and a nasal spray. One pill is a prescription - proton pump inhibitor/ acid reducer. One is a prescription only because it's cheaper - allergy medicine (I have terrible allergies that apparently aren't actually allergies according to the allergist, but allergy medicine helps them, so I take it, because otherwise I'm a snotty mess). Two or three are vitamin D pills - two 1000 IU in spring and summer, three in fal


While deleting blank posts, I accidentally deleted this post, which most of you have already read, so please disregard. I am sorry for deleting your lovely comments - I spent several minutes swearing at myself and being devastated before I found a way to retrieve the actual post.  I keep jotting down ideas in my Drafts post for blogging and then when I sit down to blog I still feel all disconnected and paralyzed.  I think my next few posts will be about things that I feel embarrassed about. I don't know why, I just have a few things I want to write about that are connected to things I don't love about myself but I still want to write about them. Also, I just put in my two cents on Suzanne's blog about being bloggishly vulnerable, so might as well put my money where my big fat mouth is.  So I have sleep issues. I am what I finally know is called a 'late chronotype', which means I prefer to go to sleep later and get up later and I feel most alert in the evening.  For

So Stupid You Just Have to Laugh

 Suzanne just sent me quick, kind email check-in, which tipped me over from my I-Should-Really-Blog state into Okay-I'm-Blogging state, particularly as I was just sort-of finishing dinner and I was thinking of Suzanne anyway.  You guys, the amount of Stupid in this day would overflow the Stupidity line on any given bucket on any given day. I also just had to type the word 'stupidity' a stupid number of times. I haven't been sleeping the greatest, and I was out of the over-the-counter sleeping pills that I often use on Sunday nights so I get a few hours before my early Monday library shift. I took an ancient Ativan instead (making all the good choices lately), tried to read and had some kind of demonic vision instead, fell asleep hard and woke up feeling super-weird.  Got ready for work. Matt left a few minutes before me to drop the dog at my mom and dad's and head to work. I got ready to go and looked in the key bin and my keys were... not there. Even when we'r

Eastering While Anxious

I said I was going to do a few posts in a row about things I'm self-conscious about. The next one was going to be medications. After that.... thinking.... checking drafts folder.... oh, it was about Lucy. I'm going to do them, but I don't think today. Today I just want to get another post in before a week or more goes by to preserve the habit. We're going to London Ontario to my sister's for Easter. This is wonderful because I love my sister and her husband and her kids, and I love us all being together. This is only a tiny bit stressful because I'm bad at traveling and I don't love sleeping in a bed that isn't mine, and we're driving down with my parents and my mother is a wonderful, wonderful woman who doesn't have much of an ability to roll with things and says things in anxiety that she doesn't realize can be hurtful to other people, which causes me a bit of anxiety about traveling with her.  It's also a tiny bit sad because Angus can