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Everything seems kind of digital these days. Either the fridge is overflowing with food and I can't figure out where to put anything and that's annoying, or it's nearly empty and there's room for everything but I'm panicky at the thought of having to go shop again. Either I get up and feel like doing multiple errands and accomplishing numerous household tasks or I can't summon up the will to do anything. Either I remember I have a blog or.... you get the idea. I stared at the calendar for an uncomfortably long time trying to figure out which week we were in. Somebody tipped me off that my phone shows the date when it turns on, which was something I could have happily gone the rest of my life without knowing, but now it's essential. Angus and I have gone almost completely nocturnal - we sleep from four a.m. or so until noon or so. He gets up and Matt has left him a cup of coffee that is now cool enough to be iced with minimum effort. I get up and make lunch

Face Stuff Part Two

You have questions? I have answers! Well, not really, only in a very narrowly limited way. So like Sasha, I have been doing a lot of Zoom or Google virtual meetings wherein it is extremely difficult to avoid staring at my own face, and I also do not enjoy it in the least. Everybody else seems to look roughly the same and I seem to look like Oliver Platt (who I'm sure is a lovely fellow). I'm trying to get over it. I also agree that when I look at my face ruthlessly it seems that it would require a goodly amount of liposuction. I always get upset that when I smile for pictures my eyes disappear and Eve says I'm being dumb because 1) if I tried to smile and keep my eyes open I would have crazy eyes and scare people and 2) many people have cheeks that squish their eyes closed when they smile and she thinks that's nice. I should be more like Eve. Also, I think Botox used judiciously might be less jarring than the lip filler. That's what my friend (Eve's friend

Stupid Things I've Bought Lately: Facial Injectables

I thought I was going to make a series out of this, back when I posted one in November 2016 for NaBloPoMo, but as with many things, I did not follow through. I do, however, buy stupid things on not-so-rare occasion, so maybe it will still be a thing! Who knows? Easter was nice, with obvious caveats. My mom cooked the turkey and stuffing. I cooked mashed potatoes and Brussels sprouts. I feel like I got the better end of this deal, except that her house ended up smelling like turkey and mine ended up smelling like Brussels sprouts. I sent the boys over to do the food trade - we put our food down, ring the doorbell, back up two metres, they open the door, put down their food, we have a brief chat from the driveway, they pick up food and go inside, we pick up food and go home. We also talk on the phone every day, but I hate that I can't squish them.  We had a nice family dinner, and then I bottomed out really badly. I don't know if I was coming down with something (weir

Random Crap

Angus posted this to our family chat:  Eve has this problem on days when she doesn't go to school (which is now all the days) that if she gets dressed, Lucy thinks that means she's taking her for a walk. She follows her around nosing the back of her legs and if she stops she sits wagging her tail looking up expectantly. Mostly this is a good thing because it gets Eve out of the house and getting a little exercise every day. On the days when somebody else has already said they'll walk Lucy or it's raining and she really doesn't want to go, it's hilariously annoying. Sometimes I hear her yelling "I'm not getting dressed to take you out, I'm getting dressed so I don't GET DEPRESSION!" Today she came down to do something in the kitchen and kept saying "stop looking at me like that! We're not going out!" "I'm ignoring you!" "She really thinks we're going". Then a few seconds later, "So...