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(Unspecified Adjective) Thursday

 Oh look, it's Thursday again. I'm less surly than concerned about my mental health right now, but Terrified-of-Spiraling-into-Numbness-and-Despair Thursday doesn't have the same ring.  I AM surly about the heaping helping of misogyny coming across my social media feeds right now (and always, but the last few days have featured some banner entries). First, Simone Biles withdrawing from the Olympic finals because her mental health was endangering her well-being, and being accused by many people of 'being a quitter', 'not persevering', 'proving that the new generation is weaker', 'taking a spot that someone else would have loved', etc. etc. The fact that a lot of people criticizing her are pasty white men who could barely walk around the block probably fits some definition of irony, but it's not really relevant to me - I don't like criticizing people based on their looks even if they're worthless tools, and some of the criticism is

Surly Thursday, Midsummer Edition

 I just posted yesterday, but I just realized it's Thursday (it is Thursday, right? Time has lost all meaning), and I just now saw something else that made me angry and realized that I have been VERY ANGRY this week, so maybe this is a good way to siphon off some of that rage. Of course, now that I've sat down to do that, I can't think of any of the things that have been making me angry, which pisses me off. Okay, good, that's one. Front and center, naturally, is the anti-vaxxers. I might actually just have to give up Twitter AND Facebook for a while because I go on intending to ignore them but I always seem to see something - so smug, so cement-headed, so proudly, obnoxiously STUPID - and I want to smash something. Someone actually said that the Delta variant cases are high somewhere where a lot of people are vaccinated and said he was pretty sure it was the vaccines causing the mutation. Yeah, that's why we have all kinds of mutant strains of measles and polio flo


 I don't really know what to write about. I've been feeling a little out of sorts for the past couple of days. We had a great week-end - went out for dinner with our lovely neighbours which was fantastic until Matt got most of a beer dropped on him, but we were just about to pay and leave anyway so it's not like we had to match our meal to whatever brew was wafting off of him. The poor waiter was mortified, and so grateful that we weren't assholes about it that it made me mad for all the people that are being assholish enough that it was a surprise to him that we weren't. We also went for a birthday drink for my friend Jody (HI JODY) and went to see Black Widow in the actual movie theatre. So maybe I"m just a bit funned out. Monday I got groceries and cooked a bunch of things. Yesterday I mostly read. I'm reading three non-fiction books right now, which is two more than I'm usually reading at a time. One is about The Troubles in Ireland and it's fas

Let Me Entertain You With My Awkwardness

 Things are weird. I am weird. I am weird with things. Things are weird with me. Me with weird are things.  My Facebook account is restricted for 24 hours because I commented "I wanted to murder her father" on someone's post in my Book Bingo group, about an abusive father who also happened to be A FICTIONAL CHARACTER. Right after I got this notification, I tried to log into Cloud Library (the express ebook platform for the library) and it was glitchy, so I deleted the app and reinstalled it. Then I tried to log in with my library card number and pin number and it didn't work. I did it roughly ten more times, checking the number carefully, and it still didn't work. Was this a big huge deal? Not really. I could read books on my Kindle app. I could read books on Libby (the NON-express ebooks library app). I could read books from, like, the shelf made of actual paper. But NOTHING ON MY IPAD WAS FREAKING WORKING and it was bugging me. Before the technology irritants, I