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Sorry For Being a Boob that was Unclear About My Boob

 Whoever was "a wee bit fretful" on my boob's behalf, I adore you and I apologize for my superstitious fear that if I said unequivocally "I do NOT have breast cancer", cancer would drop out of the ceiling and punish my hubris. My doctor did, in fact, say "everything's fine", and I had been on such a sine wave of absolute denial and abject terror (for something that millions of women go through every day), I wasn't even sure how to feel.  No, that's dumb, I feel good. It's the summertime, my children are home, my best friend was just here for Bluesfest, we found a perfect desk for Eve at IKEA yesterday and my mom bought it, my dad is feeling better, and I yesterday I made TWO phone calls I'd been dreading and got two annoying things crossed off my list. Local corn is out, and I just made a really good turkey sandwich. Pat, you live next to Hamilton? For some reason I thought you lived near Nicole - probably because I first saw you co

Oh Hey

 I just remembered that I have at least one of the esteemed-and-beloved Nicole 's blog posts to read and comment on, possibly more, which reminded me that I usually make myself blog before I read other people's blogs as my reward, which reminded me that oops, it's definitely been a while since I blogged, so I checked and... oof, nearly a month, what the heck?  I think what happened is I kind of got in the habit of blogging on Thursdays (Nicole blogs on Mondays, her cheerful, lovely way of greeting the week, which is so fitting, and me blogging on Thursday as I crawl to the end of it, covered in bagel crumbs and bits of book tape, is also kind of appropriate), either in a Surly way or otherwise. Then the last two weeks of school got a little nutty, as they are susceptible to being, and then it was the summer which means I lose track entirely of what day it is. And also there's the probable-ADD thing, and my ever-prone-to-going walkabout memory, and, well, here we are on