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Let Me Entertain You With My Awkwardness Part ???

 I think it's only Part 2, technically, because I keep meaning to make it a series but haven't yet.  So I mentioned that last week I took Eve's friend Davis for her fourth Covid vax shot because she has a tendency to faint and her mom, my friend Jody (HI JODY) is doing a very demanding very terrible training course at work and couldn't get away. The week before, Eve and I had gone for the same shot. For our first couple of shots, I was pretty anxious about making sure we got there on time and did everything correctly and didn't do anything to mess up our chances of getting the vaccine that we really, really wanted, because we were a bit more naive about what the vaccine actually meant in terms of what life would look like afterward. I have no regrets about getting it, I'm just a bit more clear-eyed about the fact that we can't vaccinate our way out of this pandemic. By our third shot, I ran a bunch of errands with Eve beforehand and Matt and I showed up just


I mean, I only blog once a week at most anyway. That means I've only missed, what - three posts? Four? I could miss that many meals and not die. I could forget to water my plants that many times and they'd recover. I could skip that many pills - wait, could I? I'd be snotty, and maybe have heartburn, and get restless legs, but I wouldn't die, or (even worse) get pregnant. It's NOT A BIG DEAL. The happy news is that I haven't been not-blogging because I'm depressed, but because my funny adorable damned children and super hilarious stupid friends have been keeping me busy with summer fun. We went to Bluesfest! We went downtown to the market! We shopped in quirky little stores! We had gelato! We sat on patios! We drank wine in back yards! We coached baseball! (okay, not 'we' so much as 'Angus', but I'm doing a thing here). We read books outside! We built fences! (okay, not 'we' so much as 'Matt', and I'm starting to feel