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The Kids Are Alright Even if the Librarian is Dumb

 We had an amazing weekend visiting Angus in Ithaca. We didn't get there at all last year for various reasons, so even though we knew Matt's travel schedule was going to be insane, we picked one weekend he was here and booked the hotel in late August or we knew it wouldn't happen. Also it was our anniversary, which we realized we had forgotten yet again after my old professor texted me happy anniversary completely planned for. Happy Anniversary to this pair of dumbasses The joke is we stay in Marriotts whenever at all possible because Matt is currently a Platinum-level customer and they practically genuflect when we show up. The tv welcomes him by name and it's all spectacularly silly. We haven't paid for a hotel room in months, but we weren't able to use points this time because it's a hotel right on Ithaca commons and I guess everybody wants to be in Ithaca. We still got the gold-star treatment and extra points for staying. The next level is Titanium (I a

Five For Friday: Early September By Numbers

 I have never done a Five for Friday. Do they have to match? I don't know why I'm asking, they're not going to. 1. Okay, let's do the first day of school pics I still coerce my kids into sending me. Angus sent his with the caption "Angus's last first day of school ever", and if that wasn't sufficiently heart-piercing, he.... *whimpers*... has a moustache in it. Never mind, I said I wouldn't complain about it (too much). Here is Eve's. If she ever insists on sporting a moustache, I will endeavour not to be ungracious about it for her too. 2. Wednesday was my first day doing two schools in one day with classes in. I made an unintentionally vague reference to a job interview in a post in June, because it was just the same job interview I always have, just for yet another school - I'm at four now, I never know where the hell I'm going when I leave the house in the morning. The first couple of weeks there are no classes because we're wai

Liminal Spaces

 I feel like I'm in-between in a variety of ways right now. The kids are back at school, but I'm not a true empty-nester, any more than I was a true single parent when Matt was traveling for weeks at a time. Eve will be home in five weeks and they'll both be here for extended breaks at Christmas. I'm not cleaning out their rooms and they both still have dirty clothes in my laundry. This strikes me as a kind of gentle transition period for when they actually have their own places. Right now I can enjoy cooking for just two (or one, more often) for a few weeks and look forward to them coming home. I'm not working full-time, but I'm working more than I have for quite a few years. This is fine from every point of view except physical. I have a variety of chronic pain/auto-immune issues of which each on their own would be manageable, but all together I'm done in by the end of a work week, sometimes by the end of a work day. I'm doing a few things to try to ad

Books at Camp (like Pigs in Space, but Different) Addendum

Books at Camp Addendum (Like Pigs in Space, But Different) Bibliomama  /  August 26, 2023 at 03:05PM // keep unread // hide First, about my  last post , OH MY GOD you guys, I'm chaotic but not THAT chaotic. I explained it badly, though. My morning pills were spilled inside the med bag, so I'd reach to the bottom and scoop up some loose pills, see what kind of handful I got and then AMEND IT to the proper medication. Not that it would have been a huge deal anyway, we're talking allergy pill, acid blocker, vitamin D and magnesium, but I am not that fun and free-wheeling with medication.  On my Reading at Camp post, Tudor asked if everybody had print books. I think the only person who had an ereader (he also had prints books) was Dave. Oh, Tudor is my fabulous author/narcoleptic horse-rider friend. Check out her books  here .  I'm trying to figure out if I find it funny that Tudor only reads ebooks - I think I've heard people say they will only read paper books, becaus