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First World Christmas Problems and My Adorable Snowman

My mind is doing somewhat better than usual for this time of the year. My body is being a bit problematic. I took on a few extra shifts, which were fun and fulfilling but put extra strain on my back, which was already complaining about all the standing for baking and cooking for the Christmas party and book club (both were a blast, no regrets). My hands feel weird - swollen and sore. I think I just need some exercise and a massage to release some pinched nerves and I probably definitely don't have MS or hand cancer. I am fighting the thought that nothing will get better and I will feel like this forever, and Facebook memories are helping because they remind me that last year at this time I had a bone spur kicking up hell in my right foot and I couldn't walk without a limp and that situation has been remedied nicely. I just need to walk on the treadmill, drink some water, and not be on my feet carrying huge armfuls of books around for a couple of weeks which, huge coincidence, i

A Day in the Li(fe)brary

I worked at a new school yesterday. My friend is the v.p. and was in a jam. I never want to work extra shifts the last two weeks before Christmas - I have fourteen pounds of butter and six rolls of wrapping paper on my table waiting for me to work some kind of magic, and I really enjoy my barely-there work schedule at this time of year - but I always do, because stuff happens and people need time off, kids generally hate missing library, and extra money is involved and I like buying presents. 8:30 a.m.: I met the office manager, who was really lovely. She showed me around the whole school and told everyone we passed "we have a librarian for the day!" The staff room door was newly painted and not labelled, so she told me it was the second door on the left. 8:45 a.m.: I was settling in in the library. For once I had the presence of mind to email the tech support woman and make sure there was a login for the library software (it's called Alexandria, isn't that cute?

Love it or List it, Gingerbread Edition

You may remember the inaugural Gingerbread House Building event from last year, oops no, it was two years ago, what the hell happened last year, don't care, moving on. We have the Lovers of Tradition: Then the "We don't really play or build well with others, but we're hella cute and eventually we will get over all the expletives and insults we screamed at each other and be friends again" brigade.   And finally the "We went another way entirely" contingent.