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Good Five for Good Friday

 Didn't quite manage to get this up in time but I have nothing specific for a Saturday, so play along. 1. Enjoying the fact that I am no longer Catholic, so Good Friday doesn't entail a bajillion-hours long and extremely sad mass. Once when I was in first year at McMaster my parents came for Easter and my mom and I were going to the Easter Vigil and this Irish Catholic guy from the other wing of my floor in residence asked if he could come with us. When we walked out of the church three hours later he said "Jesus Christ, I thought I was getting away with the short one!" My mom couldn't stop laughing. 2. It was a busy week where I was out almost every night, which I am way too old and tired for at this point even though it was all fun stuff. There were a number of cool little coincidences, the chief one being that at Trivia on Monday night the musical round included a classical number which we came nowhere close to guessing - it was Pictures at an Exhibition by Mus


 Only Nicole did, really, but I was kind of thinking while I was doing it (selecting books and signing them out to deliver to classes) how I would blog it, but then didn't because it has the potential to be very dull, but this is my third post in three days so it's easy to skip if you feel like it! So what I SHOULD have done was sat down and figured out the logistics first. But my first class is supposed to arrive very shortly after I do, so I didn't have a lot of time and what I did was grab the cart (I had to clear some picture books to be reshelved off of it first, at Monday school I have two carts, but at some I have none, so lucky, I guess?) and head down to the kindergarten hallway to grab their book bins. I got two bins, and only one had the kids' book bags in them - in kindergarten they have large ziploc bags with their names on them to keep books safe and dry in backpacks. When I got back to the library, I counted how many kids there were and how many books I n

Surly Thursday: General Overall Insomnia-Generated Surliness

It's been a while since I did a Surly Thursday posts. Sometimes I'm not that surly by the time I get home. Sometimes I'm so surly I don't have the energy to do anything but watch Brooklyn 99 and eat cookies. My friend Sasha reminded me today about Surly Thursday and what do you know, today is in the sweet spot - um. Sour spot?  Tuesday night I went to bed at a normal-ish time and took the sleeping pill I usually take before my early day Wednesday, otherwise there's no way I can fall asleep early enough. I read for a while - okay, a little longer than I should have. Then I turned out the light and lay down and realized I did not feel anywhere near as sleepy as I should. I clearly remembered taking the sleeping pill. I started listening to the Mean Girls soundtrack (Broadway, not the movie, Renee Rapp and Auli'i Cravalho are straight fire but Angourie Rice, oh lord, wonderful actress, do NOT understand the casting choice here). Usually I hear two or three songs, t

Oh THERE'S my navel (do you get it?)

For various reasons my mood is in a precipitous plunge right now. I did talk to Matt about it sooner than I usually do, which is uncharacteristically intelligent of me (not self-blaming really, we all know depression lies), but almost all of my friends have very real reasons for grief or struggle right now so the 'support in, dump out' model means that people I feel comfortable unloading on right now are a bit thin on the ground, and I worry about wearing out the couple I am leaning on. Spotlight on you! Ha ha ha, feel free to run in the other direction right now. I am pretty close to maxed out on the antidepressants I'm on. This is worrying, because the booster has tended to work really well with each dose increase, and then things level out and start heading south again. I could switch, but that has traditionally been really difficult for me given that, when it comes to side effects, I am the one percent - I get all the ones everyone gets, plus the wackass ones that nearl

Five for Friday

1. I am very grateful to the people who confirmed that toxins being swished around the body can lead to malaise, because 1) I've been a little worried about how I've been feeling and 2) it makes me feel better about spending March Break reading and walking and sleeping a lot. My husband has had executives in town and has been going out for work dinners and coming home late. He mentioned that he felt bad he hadn't taken a day off so we could do something during the break and I said "oh, but...then I'd have to do stuff." One night I texted him to ask if he was going out for dinner again. He said 'yes, is that okay?' I said 'of course, just wondering how much I can half-ass dinner'. He texted back 'full half-ass!' which was good, albeit a little mathematically confusing.  2. After physio on Tuesday I went to the bookstore to look for a book by a favourite author that I had gotten as a library ebook and then decided I wanted to buy a copy a

Baking Stuff, Burning Stuff, Stretching Stuff, Complaining About Stuff

 I am having a weird sensation (weird but not unaccustomed) where thinking about sitting down to write a blog post feels like going for a colonoscopy or writing a math exam. This makes no sense - writing a blog post is neither mandatory nor unpleasant. Just going to free-associate here to get something down so I can stop feeling like I'm in front of a firing squad.  I got these new notecards and I am currently obsessed with them. Making a list of people I can send them to.  On Saturday I threw a party for Matt and our friend Margot, who were born two days apart. I made them each their favourite cake and then realized I'd inadvertently made it look like I was having a party for my 6-year-old twins. And yes, we did light candles and sing happy birthday to them - as a group we really commit to a bit when a bit is there to be committed to. I got my hair cut and coloured last week. I really like my stylist - she is funny and kind and loves Eve (whose hair she also cuts) and works wi

In Recovery Of Various Sorts

 I just went for a walk with Lucy. We are having wholly unseasonable spring-ish weather and while everyone else has been rhapsodizing about it I've been sort of obstinately sullen, partly because I don't feel like having to go sleeveless to be comfortable already but mostly because of an unattractively self-righteous sense of WAKE UP PEOPLE THIS IS NOT A GOOD THING. I've been dimly aware that this is dumb for a number of reasons, but principally because my being a churlish malcontent doesn't CHANGE the weather one iota. And today I woke up and the window was cracked and the light and the air were delicious so I decided to get over myself.  Wore a t-shirt. Was still too hot by the end. A few weeks ago a blog friend said she was not going to discuss a difficult family situation because that didn't fit in with what she wants her blog to be, which is a cheerful place to talk about books and pets etc. I thought oh shit, does that mean I shouldn't be putting heavy stu