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Spirals and Sequences and Studies Oh My

This morning I talked myself in a full circle from Worst Day Ever to Everything Is Fine Actually. None of this is new - even new to me. I'm kind of back to Everything In My Life is a Vicious Circle. Every January (since we moved here) I have a vicious headache/migraine for weeks at a time and every year I think This Year Is Different, this can't possibly be normal, and occasionally I have appointments with sinus specialists and I get head CTs and about halfway through February the weather shifts and my head goes more-or-less back to normal (sort-of bitter snort of laughter). My depression and anxiety gets so bad I feel crushing dread at the thought of having to leave the house for literally any reason.  I managed to apply for a job a couple of weeks ago, figuring that with the speed things move at the school board I might be interviewed some time in February and start in maybe March. As luck would have it, they wanted someone to start, like, immediately. The plus side was I did

Books Read in 2021: Five-Star Everything

Here they are, the ones that knocked my socks off for whatever reason. I am acutely aware, as I have said, that different readers receive different books, well, differently. I do believe that these are all well-written books, but often the thing that differentiates a good reading experience from a great one is my mood or where I am in life, or the time of year, or several other variables. The same will be true with others according to their state of mind or genre preferences. I'd like to say it doesn't hurt my feelings when someone doesn't like a book I loved, but that would be a lie. I recognize, though, that it shouldn't, and I lie about it fairly convincingly, I think. My soul-and-skull-crushing migraine has departed. Sometimes I can feel it lurking, but I think it's moved on for now. Yoga is keeping my sciatic pain at bay. The situation downtown is still terrible, but a state of emergency has been declared. In some ways that feels even more frightening, and it r

Books Read in 2021: Four-Star Non-Fiction and Fiction

Omg, Suzanne (HI SUZANNE), I'm so excited to meet someone who's read Sophie Hannah - I felt like a new weird world had opened up to me with her first book. A couple of times she's missed the mark slightly, but many of the series books are amazing and The Orphan Choir is one of my favourite scary books ever! I just borrowed Perfect Little Children from the library.  The winter of my discontent continues apace. The Worst Migraine Ever abated slightly yesterday, but is creeping back today. The lack of movement brought on by the migraine has caused a sciatica flare-up in my right leg - I went to the chiropractor today so hopefully that will help. My CPAP mask is making my nose bleed, which happens now and then, but is quite problematic, because the choices are to keep wearing it and worsen the irritation or not wear it and sleep very badly and feel like hell when I wake up. This makes me feel utterly despairing, given the fact that I can't even SLEEP right - like, something