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Hell is Other People

Apparently the scariest thing this year is the rainfall warning. Montreal actually postponed Halloween until Friday. Postponed. Halloween. A couple of people floated that in Ottawa, and while I thought it was not the best idea, I found the vitriol of the responses a little depressing. I have trick or treated, and accompanied my kids trick-or-treating, in pretty much all weather. I grew up in Northern Ontario where costumed were always made big enough to go over a snowsuit. Sometimes it rains. Occasionally it's been crazy warm and we could walk around in costumes with no jackets. Once in Ottawa Eve and I went to a party in Greek goddess costumes and had to clean snow off the car when we got home. And honestly, I think pouring rain is the worst. I feel bad for the kids and parents trudging around out there tonight. I was putting candy in one kid's pillow case and it was soaking wet and felt very unpleasant. I don't think postponing it would fix everything since it's s


I was feeling especially fed-up with the sleep stuff, and a little aggrieved with the position my doctor has been taking. The thinking is that sleep aids don't go well with sleep apnea, because the last thing you want when you're having breathing stoppages is something that depresses your breathing even further. Which yeah, fair enough, thanks for not wanting my brain further deprived of oxygen, all to the good. The thing is, though, if I can't fall asleep or if I wake up after three hours, I end up taking off my mask, because the only thing more miserable than lying awake for hours is lying awake for hours with something affixed to your face. Eventually I get a few disturbed, gaspy hours, and it all ends up in SEVERE CRANKINESS. So I decided to try an over-the-counter option and took Gravol for a few nights, and managed to sleep through with the machine working. I don't do it every night, but it's nice to have the option.  I did realize that I've been w

Surly Thursday Reboot

It's been a while since I did a Surly Thursday post, which would be great if it meant I was turning out a whole bunch of NON-Surly Thursday posts. Which I have not been. SLEEP: I can't fucking sleep. I will be reading my book and my eyes will be literally closing, and I put the book down, put on my CPAP mask, turn off the light and ..... twitchy legs, too hot, too cold, need socks on, need socks off, ad infinitem. It is wretched. I am terrified to take anything before bed if I have a headache or any other kind of pain in case it makes the restless leg thing worse. I am taking magnesium and iron, which are supposed to help, but I suspect this may just be a case of peri-menopausitis, in which case let me reiterate, fuck perimenopause in its raggedy punk ass. RAIN: It's been gross the last couple of days, which is not a big deal, I have an umbrella, but I swear to god, four drops of rain and everybody in this city loses the ability to not drive like an asshole. Four-way st

Look All Around, Nothing but Blue Sky

That is a picture of Zarah's daughter Sophie at Bluesfest, taken by Zarah who was napping on a blanket and wanted to take a picture of the blue sky. I don't really know what to blog about this week and I came across this picture. We weren't crazy about the Bluesfest lineup this year - there was really no one that we were dying to see, but we were still fine going out to listen to music in the outside. Plus, since there was no one we were fanatical about, we could chill on chairs and blankets and not get beat up in the crowd. Plus, there is always the grilled cheese food truck. This reminds me of another funny food story, which takes us all the way away from Bluesfest but whatever, I'll circle back around later. This was in August when Collette and I were going to our friends' cottage for the week-end. We were driving one of the owners because the other owner was picking up her son at work and coming a little later. The cottage is about two hours away