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Various Dysfunctions

 I was just going to read my friends' blogs and not post today because I have just been limping along being sleepless and cranky and dumb lately, and who wants to read about that? But I promised myself I was going to try really hard to post every week no matter what, so here we are.  Eve has her first bladder infection - I didn't specifically check that I could blog that, but she's pretty chill about her bodily functions being discussed, so she probably won't sue me. It's been miserable - she got one round of antibiotics and they didn't kill it, so we called the clinic and the after-hours doctor called her again and gave her a stronger antibiotic and asked us to come in so she could give a urine sample - also a first for her.  So it was a weird morning. I slept like absolute garbage again and she woke me up from a dead sleep to leave - I'm not sure if my alarm didn't go off or I slept through it. It was fine, we didn't have a firm appointment, just a

Camping and the Kindness of Strangers

 I've always felt like campgrounds were a tiny bit like Disneyworld, in that you drive through the entrance and it sort of feels like you're in a semi-magical place where nothing bad can happen. We camped a lot when I was a kid, and we always had the run of the place, and I remember my parents meeting and conversing with people who were set up near us, holding babies we didn't know, sharing food. I still have vivid memories of a Greek woman and a man with a stutter, which I had never heard before. I asked my dad about it later and he said it was good that I hadn't asked in front of the man.  Even before I started camping overnight, when I would take the kids to Sandbanks to hang with our camping friends, I let them run around the park with the other kids and paid less attention than I would have at home. I'm not really defending this as intelligent or safe, but nothing bad did happen, so it's a moot point. Camping there has generally been a convivial experience.

Everything is Fine

HA ha,  no, of course it isn't, I never promised not to lie to you, Radical Honesty is bunk, lies are the WD-40 that grease the machinery of human interaction. Among other things, my blog interface suddenly looks totally different. Do I LOOK like I need a fun new challenge right now, Blogger? DO I? Lucy just scratched at the back door and when I opened it she snatched my gardening gloves off the table and ran outside with them, wtf? The whole world is against me.  You know which very important movie I totally forgot about when I made my sort-of list of my sort-of top ten favourite movies? The Nightmare Before Christmas. I'm a fake fan. *hides head in shame* Angus left. We were all so stressed about whether he'd be able to get over the border that we went next door and got totally trashed with our neighbours. Angus - who, over the course of the summer, has had A beer with us, sometimes two - drank most of a bottle of red wine by himself, among other drinks, and was very fun