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Hey Good Lookin'

 So. The air fryer. I was still planning on hemming and hawing and second-guessing myself a little more even after the comments on this post convinced me that I probably would get an air fryer at some point. But then my parents were over for Eve's slightly delayed birthday dinner on Sunday since she was home for break, and my dad asked me if I had an air fryer, and then said "dammit" when I didn't, because he had decided they were getting an air fryer and wanted me to tell them which one to get. While I was looking up the comments on the post to read to him and noodling on the internet at the table, it popped up that Best Buy had the Ninja Max XL on sale for a hundred dollars less than regular price. Suddenly my dad was barking "do it!" and I was ordering two air fryers. I was a bit apprehensive about finding counter space, but then I always am, and then it invariably turns out that I keep a lot of crap on the counter and even though it seems like that crap

Happy Eve Week

 It feels like longer than a week since that last post.  Saturday I came down in the morning, planning to have breakfast and then get groceries for Eve's week at home. Matt was watching tv and looked up and answered a couple of my questions but then went back to watching tv, moving a little closer. I was running water and dishing out food and I was feeling a little self-conscious about making noise while he was watching tv. So, like a totally normal person, I got mad at him for watching tv and making me feel like I might be disturbing him. He looked understandably confused by this. After I got home from grocery shopping I apologized for being weird and bitchy and getting mad at him for watching tv at me. I said I was feeling oddly nervous, which didn't make sense because the only anomalous event approaching was Eve coming home, which I was totally happy about. Matt said cautiously that I sometimes have a bit of trouble adequately differentiating myself from Eve and I said "

Five For Friday: Oscars Edition

 I am having a weird week in a weird month in a (typically, so is it even weird) winter, and I sat here literally unable to figure out or remember how to begin a blog post, so thank fuck I remembered it's Friday and I can just do FFF. It has gotten cold and snowy again after a couple of weeks of mild grayness, and I like this more, although I don't volunteer that widely. Except I guess I just did. Oops. Weird.  1. I decided a couple of weeks ago to try to watch all the Best Picture nominees for the Oscars. The main reason is so I could make a list and cross things off the list and feel list-accomplished for doing nothing but watching movies, because low-stakes validation is helpful right now.  There are ten movies up for Best Picture. That is too many, in my opinion. I thought five was a good number. Also, what the heck, precisely, is 'best picture' supposed to mean? Okay, I googled desultorily and I am not interested in going down that road too far.  Here are the ones

Black Cats and Horseshoes and Birthdays

 Predictably, now that I've finished the book review posts, I am feeling a magnificent disinclination to blog. Or rather, I think "I should blog" and then think "but about what?" How do I begin, if not by cutting and pasting book titles and plot rundowns and looking up quotes in my book notes?  January is always a slog for me. I almost invariably have a headache for most of the month - a few things have been investigated, but it seems to come down to some weird combination of atmospheric pressure and my body chemistry being, well, weird. I still had a headache at the very beginning of February, but then it stopped for a few days, and now it's intermittent, which is an improvement. My mental health plummets no matter what I do to shore it up (to be clear, what I do is not all that heroic - drink lots of water, get a bit more sleep than usual, try to move a little more but fail often because just getting to and from work is exhausting).  I forget where I was g