NaBloPoMo Day 21: Game Night, With Tequila

Yesterday was our annual Cottage Girls' Night (we had to skip last year, obviously), where we go to Collette's cottage an hour or so away, have lunch and do Christmas shopping in the nearby town and then settle in for a night of mild debauchery and board games. 

We played this one - I exploded every time, but also had one of my greatest game victories ever. Collette kept playing the card that meant I had to hold out my cards for her to take one, blindly. She wanted my Defuse card (because it defuses the exploding kitten), and three times in a row I put it in the same spot, to the extreme right of my hand, and she missed it every time. Then I told her about it so she could call me a bitch, as was her right.

We played this one - One question was which complex a psychiatrist said Nixon suffered from, and I said persecution complex but then talked myself out of it, and it was the right answer. SO annoying when that happens. 

We played this one - It became increasingly obvious that this edition was way too old for us to guess the answers effectively. There were categories like "detergents and cleansers", and half of them we'd never even heard of because they stopped making them twenty years ago. 

We played this one - okay, the drinking might have been part of it, but this game is effing hilarious. The worse you draw, the better. You write down a phrase, then pass the notepad to the next person to draw. They draw (usually badly), then pass to the next person to guess what the drawing is. It's like the game of Telephone crossed with Pictionary. Sometimes you can't make sense of the picture and end up trying to sell an expression like "Shark of the Forest Church" or "Duck Licorice". I drew a dong and everyone thought it was cherries, so then I picked the expression "cherry tomatoes" hoping someone would draw cherries and everyone would think it was a dong. Also, we found out that it's almost impossible to draw something that will make people think "mother in law" or "sugar daddy". I am really, shockingly bad at drawing the simplest things. Scissors. Feet. Footballs. So bad. Looking forward to playing this game with family at Christmastime. 

We walked and talked and ate and drank and laughed so hard, and I didn't take a single picture and I have no regrets. No wait, one picture, of this perfect Caesar in a Ghostbusters glass.


You don't see Ghostbuster glasses much anymore!

Sounds like a fun weekend - I wish I could do that some day!
Ernie said…
That weekend sounds amazing. Right up my alley. Of course, I'd need a phone a friend option for anything triva related. I'd call you, obviously. Oh, and I've played that drawing game and it is really fun. I'm decent at drawing, but some things are really hard to illustrate. Our fam fav game is still Guesstures. Mini and I have rubber faces and we are tough to beat. Just saying.

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