Clothes Make the Blog Post

 Matt and I went on a date and did shots!

No, wait. 

Matt and I went on a date and got shots!

The day of my last shot, I sat around nervously all day terrified I would miss my time slot and left an hour early. The days I was driving my parents for their shots, same.

Yesterday I ran around with Eve all day trying to find some decent black shoes for her abbreviated graduation ceremony tomorrow evening because we realized she only ever wears boots or flip-flops (my kid, obviously) and other than some super-fancy shoes for prom, she had nothing. We could maybe be forgiven this lapse if this was the first time this had happened, but, um, it's not.

So we went to a few stores without any luck, until we realized she didn't really know what she wanted, she just felt like maybe wearing her Docs for grad wasn't completely appropriate. To which I said, hogwash (I did, I used a quaint and un-profane epithet, you weren't there, you can't prove otherwise). I wore Docs for my wedding. What you wear for grad should be an expression of who you are, and that's who she is. So then we went to Garage so she could look for jean shorts (she's been happy that they've finally come out with longer ones) and of course there was a line up, and of course it was three million degrees out and humid. She was apologetic, but we were spending time together in her last week of school, and I didn't LOVE that that time was sweaty and overly bright, but the clock is ticking on her departure, so I didn't hate it either.

We also went to get balloons for a grad get-together on Friday. She said after "I love when you go up to sales people and you're all nice and they keep their passive sales-person voice up and I'm like 'no, you can drop the act, we're cool'". 

So on the day of my second shot, I roamed around in the ovenish heat all day, got home barely half an hour before we had to leave, washed my face and ate a banana. 

Eve dashed over to her friend's place to drop off the grad robe and hat we had ordered. She wore her cute new outfit.

But because she was concerned about getting the car back before we needed to leave, the back of the outfit looked like this:

Then Matt came down and said "I guess maybe I should change my shirt if we're going to the vaccination centre?'

The girl checking me in at the vaccine centre asked if I was okay getting Moderna. I said I'd take Windex if that was all they had. I spent my time in line reading other people's t-shirts. One of them said "Curling is the Bacon of Sports". I couldn't figure out what this was supposed to mean? It's the best? It's the crunchiest? It's for people with high cholesterol? Vegetarians can't curl? Matt said "I guess it could mean whatever you want it to" but I didn't want it to mean whatever I wanted it to, I wanted somebody to tell me what it meant! But it seemed inappropriate to yell "Hey Buddy, what does your shirt mean?" across to the other side of the line. 

I will now end this post with a bit of irony. 

No wait, I'm just going to go get Eve's grad robe and iron it. So just irony in the sense of the opposite of wrinkly. (I stole that from a t-shirt I gave my brother-in-law). 


StephLove said…
Did you really wear Doc Martens to your wedding, and if so, is there photographic evidence?
I wish Matt had worn that shirt!!!!

That's a super cute outfit Eve has, and I'm happy you got your shots.

I think the bacon thing refers to curling as being the "best" sport as people who like bacon seem to really like bacon. That's my HOT take.
Ernie said…
I agree with Nicole about the bacon shirt - probably supposed to be translated to CURLING ROCKS, because so many people like bacon. I bought a t-shirt for one of the guy's who worked for Coach a few years ago that said: I'D PUT BACON ON THAT (because that shirt had his name written all over it) - assume the same premise. I did enjoy your many possible translations though. I cracked up at the t-shirt Matt almost wore to his shot. Eve sporting a super cute outfit with the tags still on the pieces might be the next big trend. One never knows.

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