I'm not in the greatest headspace. We've gotten crummy news on a couple of fronts that I don't really feel like talking about right now, but I feel like blogging at least once a week (at most once a week most weeks, let's be Frank, I mean frank, not that there's anything wrong with being Frank, simmer down Franks, I'm sure you're all lovely) is helping to maintain some sort of structure to my time so I'mma just throw up some random shit.

I did make the grilled naan last week and it turned out splendidly.

Glamour shot of the naan

Also, Eve's friends have been baking stuff and then driving around a little bit of it to everyone in the friend group, which has been lovely - beautifully decorated sugar cookies and cinnamon monkey bread so far (I should have taken pictures, I forgot). We figured it was our turn, so we made some soft pretzel bites on Saturday (Sunday? Some day). Are you familiar with the miracle and wonder that is Weight Watchers two-ingredient dough? I was hitherto unfamiliar with this incredible substance. To be clear, I am not doing anything resembling Weight Watching at the moment unless you want to count Watching it Go Up (not even that so much as Watching Myself Give Zero Fucks About My Weight, if we're aiming for absolute clarity). All I did was google "soft pretzel recipe" and then sit there with my jaw hanging open reading this one. 

Eve wearing Nana's flour-sack apron

Like I said, we weren't looking for a weight-conscious recipe. But it's frakkin' delicious and really freakin' easy, so we will be holding on to it.

Glamour shot of the few pretzel bites that were left

So we delivered to a couple of houses, and then had a socially-distanced (did I already say I'm getting sick of typing that? I'm really sick of typing that) backyard visit at the last house, which was lovely.

Davis somehow managing to look like a hot housewife from the seventies

We also spatchcocked a chicken. No, that's a lie, we cooked a spatchcocked chicken, I just like the word spatchcock.

(Nice legs, honey.)

I am having issues with formatting now, so apologies if this post only occupies the right half of the screen from here on in.

Are you watching Sex Education on Netflix? I kind of think pretty much everyone should be watching Sex Education on Netflix, although I recognize that it will very much not be to some people's taste. 

These are the texts I exchanged with my friend and my daughter last night regarding the show:

So, like, this show has taught my kid about anal douching AND healthy relationships AND the meaning of the word 'discourse' (pretty much).  And yes, my daughter is the one who recommended it to me. (Oh, there's also a fabulous "I am Spartacus" type scene involving vaginas. It's brilliant).

Right. This is the point in the post where I usually look at the disparate components and try to find a title to pull them all together. I'm... not seeing anything. Oh wait, I think I've got it. 


Ernie said…
Love the delivering of goodies and hanging out at the end. Also love that Eve is going to score well on college entrance exams with the vocab help she is getting from this show. Sorry that you've had some not so great news. I so appreciate your continued blogging efforts- always brightens my day to read what you have to say.
the queen said…
What episode features the Spartacus vaginas?
Nicole said…
Is that the recipe with greek yogurt? I've wondered about it. They look amazing. I'll have to get the grilled naan recipe from you xoxo
StephLove said…
That naan looks incredible.
Tudor said…
I have long suspected the internet is unfair and likes a good joke. I looked for a soft pretzel recipe a couple of weeks ago and was confronted with many multi-step, complex recipes that required an entire day of letting the dough rise, then moving it to another location, then letting it rest, then putting in a North-East facing window for 22 minutes (not quite, but almost). I eventually printed one off and have been staring at it ever since, not able to muster the courage to attempt it. When you said you just Googled "soft pretzel recipe" and the easy one popped up, I thought maybe I did a weird search but, sure enough, I went back and Google remembered that I had asked for a "soft pretzel recipe" and gave me pages and pages of the PdD-thesis level ones. I tried again with "Weight Watchers" in the search bar and, voila! I will be making soft pretzel bites! Thank you!
Busy Bee Suz said…
I love that you are both giving and receiving treats during this shitty time.
I'll have to look for the pretzel recipe myself; I don't want to miss anything easy and delicious.
Love the text thread and I must look into this show.

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