I'm caught somewhere between disappointment and relief that none of us are psychic. I did remember one time when I was in a band in high school and while we were practicing one girl got really upset and said she felt like something bad was going to happen, and then a friend called and said he'd been in a car accident (everyone was fine). Am I like Mulder, do I just want to believe? I also remember lying in bed while extremely pregnant and trying with all my might to send Matt a psychic message to bring me a cup of tea. It didn't work.

I feel a little thin on blog fodder right now, but I really want to keep up some kind of momentum because I think my mental health is better when I'm blogging, however badly.

It was a good week. I did a couple extra shifts to fill in for my sick co-worker and in the morning announcements the secretary said "can we get a whoo-hoo, Allison is in the library". I came home from work and took Lucy for a good walk a couple of times, which I've been too tired to do for a couple of months (right after work, I mean, I have walked her, although not enough). Eve and I took her out on Sunday to get some sun and air, and met a wide cross-section of little kids whose parents had taken them out for the same reason. Some of them went headlong into puddles in their haste to pet her, and one scowled an adorable scowl until we were safely past and then called "bye-bye" very sweetly.

Matt got home from Florida a few days before it started snowing.

And snowing.

And snowing.

And snowing some more.

It wasn't blizzardy, but it was relentless. I didn't have to go to work Thursday to fill in because buses were cancelled and most students are bussed at that school so since my shift was casual they told me not to bother. I sat by the window and watched the snow and read an amazing book and felt like I was inside a snow globe.

 I meant to get on the treadmill on Thursday and it didn't happen. I was washing my face that night thinking "Jesus, I have to get some exercise" in a panicky kind of way, and then I stopped and thought "wait. That's not technically true. I don't HAVE to do anything except die and pay taxes. Lots of people don't exercise. Fat people, thin people, sick people, healthy people. There's no exercise police (well there kind of is, but as long as you stay off their Facebook groups they'll probably leave you alone). Why am I not thinking 'I would LIKE to get some exercise', because I generally feel better when I do?" I felt like a great weight had been lifted. And today I went on the treadmill because I LIKE it, and I stopped when my lower back started to hurt, even though that was at 28 minutes and 41 seconds, instead of pushing myself to make it to at least 30 minutes even. I feel like the real workout was shrugging off some of the indoctrination.

Matt and I caught up on the latest two episodes of Picard tonight. I love this show, and Isa Briones is ridiculously beautiful, and that is all I have to say about that.

Oh, and one for the I Am Not Smart files: I've been trying to figure out how to make the perfect virgin frozen Bellini for a friend who doesn't drink. I'm pulling from various recipes, assembling frozen peaches, peach nectar and ice cubes, and at one point I thought "why would I use Club Soda, isn't it supposed to be Prosecco?" totally forgetting that I was shooting for an ALCOHOL-FREE version. Reminiscent of the time someone told Collette they were going to a Vegan Sugar Shack Brunch and she said "what's the point of that? Oh, I guess at least you can have turkey bacon"...

Collette and I will be over here with the alcoholic failed vegans. Have a great week-end.


Swistle said…
Favorite part: "I feel like the real workout was shrugging off some of the indoctrination."
StephLove said…
Thursday afternoon just before North got home from school, I thought they would ask me to go to Starbucks-- and they did. They said I had telepathy. Then yesterday North asked me if Beth was bringing Girl Scout cookies home from work and I said I didn't think so, she'd already picked up cookies from her work source, but a former co-worker brought her twin daughters to the office to sell GS cookies and lo, Beth brought some home. So if something freaky happens today, I'll let you know my family is turning into psychics.

Honestly, though, I think would be better for all of us if we don't. Some thoughts belong inside the privacy of one's head.
Ernie said…
For someone who felt 'thin on blogging fodder' I thought you shared a good amount and as always, you made me laugh. Love the 'stay off their facebook page' part. Bah! My BFf once said to me when I first started blogging and was fearful my post was too long or too short or too dumb, whatever: "So what, are you worried the blogging police are going to call?"

I just remembered my only telepathic episode: When I was a freshman in high school, I was walking to the carpool with my sister and the carpool driving senior. I realized it was a Thursday and I was meant to go to my after school club: Into Clay. I ran back inside and about 10 minutes into the class I got this eerie feeling. I looked at the clock and was just sort of distraught for no apparent reason. After Into Clay (my kids die at the name of the club so I toss it around whenever possible, it was ceramics in case that isn't obvious) I waited forever for my mom to come pick me up. I tried calling home but no one answered. Finally my mom arrived at the school. Before I could moan about being left over an hour after the class let out, Mom told me my sister had been in a car accident on the way home from school. She and the driver were fine. They were rear ended. It happened at exactly the same time I had felt all beside myself, 3:12. The paramedic who came to the scene told my sister and her friend: "Good thing there was no one in the backseat, because I don't think they would have survived." Um, if I had not decided to go to Into Clay I would have been in the backseat.

I think I would like a job where people announce loudly: "Can I get a woot woot, Ernie's in the house!"

Love it. I'm so excited to read that book BUT I have like three others to read first. Two of them, I think, can be renewed so it might be second in the queue. Yay!
Busy Bee Suz said…
You always have a way of making us laugh, so, therefore you always have some fodder.
Sitting in a snowglobe (warm) reading a book sounds amazing.
I giggled terribly at your virgin drink dilemma....I think I would have been in the same thought process, forgetting it was supposed to be a virgin.
Happy Sunday!
Lynn said…
We just started watching Picard - I think we are three episodes in. We are just loving it. Patrick Stewart is a treasure, but I love the whole crew. And you are SO right about Isa Briones, WOW.

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