Surly Thursday Reboot

It's been a while since I did a Surly Thursday post, which would be great if it meant I was turning out a whole bunch of NON-Surly Thursday posts. Which I have not been.

SLEEP: I can't fucking sleep. I will be reading my book and my eyes will be literally closing, and I put the book down, put on my CPAP mask, turn off the light and ..... twitchy legs, too hot, too cold, need socks on, need socks off, ad infinitem. It is wretched. I am terrified to take anything before bed if I have a headache or any other kind of pain in case it makes the restless leg thing worse. I am taking magnesium and iron, which are supposed to help, but I suspect this may just be a case of peri-menopausitis, in which case let me reiterate, fuck perimenopause in its raggedy punk ass.

RAIN: It's been gross the last couple of days, which is not a big deal, I have an umbrella, but I swear to god, four drops of rain and everybody in this city loses the ability to not drive like an asshole. Four-way stop? Fairly straightforward, except if it's raining apparently all the normal rules cease to apply and we're all supposed to rock-paper-scissors it or something. Some entitled jackass parked on the side of the street blocking the crosswalk across from Eve's school waiting for his kid. When I tried to go around him to park on the side street where the non-entitled people go to wait for their kids, he honked at me. I think I nearly ruptured my throat yelling expletives at him.

GERMS: Generally I conceded that teachers have a way rougher job than I do - most kids like coming to the library and will behave just to not lose the privilege, and I get more variety. However, the teachers only hang out with one or two classes' worth of germs a day. I get ALL of them. Nothing like having a kid sneeze on a book just before handing it to you to check out. This makes me appreciate Hannah (HI HANNAH) all the more.

I'm reading an entry in a British mystery series that I follow lackadaisically. It takes place in Spilling in England. Along with Flushing, I have to ask - are these not terrible, terrible things to name a place? They make me just think everything there must be... damp. Every time the place is named in the book, I cringe.

Today I got to substitute in the library at the elementary school my kids attended. Some of their old teachers came in to say hi. I knew where everything went. It's four minutes from my house. It was wonderful. Wait, I've lost my surliness. Oh, actually they didn't have a proper time sheet so I had to use the wrong one and hope it would go through all right, and I probably won't get paid, which is BULLSHIT.

There. I feel better.


the queen said…
“ in which case let me reiterate, fuck perimenopause in its raggedy punk ass.‘ - this is why I love you.
StephLove said…
Lack of sleep is the worst. I just can't cope with anything when I'm exhausted, which makes me wonder how I coped with the first ten years of parenthood (which is how long it took for everyone to sleep through the night on a regular basis) but I guess I was younger and stronger then.
Ernie said…
Oh insomnia is the worst. The WORST. Once when I was really struggling at night to sleep, I tried to nap during the day. There was an annoying sound. Turned out a fly was trapped in a plastic grocery bag in my room. Of course. Super annoying.

Thoroughly enjoyed the image of people playing rock, paper, scissors at a four way stop.

Now that the surliness has been vented I hope you have an anazing weekend!

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