Look All Around, Nothing but Blue Sky

That is a picture of Zarah's daughter Sophie at Bluesfest, taken by Zarah who was napping on a blanket and wanted to take a picture of the blue sky. I don't really know what to blog about this week and I came across this picture.

We weren't crazy about the Bluesfest lineup this year - there was really no one that we were dying to see, but we were still fine going out to listen to music in the outside. Plus, since there was no one we were fanatical about, we could chill on chairs and blankets and not get beat up in the crowd. Plus, there is always the grilled cheese food truck.

This reminds me of another funny food story, which takes us all the way away from Bluesfest but whatever, I'll circle back around later. This was in August when Collette and I were going to our friends' cottage for the week-end. We were driving one of the owners because the other owner was picking up her son at work and coming a little later. The cottage is about two hours away, and there's a Wendy's an hour and a half away that we often stop at - their dog actually wakes up and looks around for french fries at that point in the drive.

So Collette and I went in and she ordered a bacon deluxe with no ketchup and I ordered a single with cheese, no tomato and onion. The young guy working at the counter was really nice, we both commented on it - when he put Collette's burger down she said "no ketchup, right?" and he said "you got it". We got back in the car and our friend was now driving so we could eat. 

Collette unwrapped her burger and said "oh for god's sake, did I not say no ketchup TWICE?" I said "yep. Wouldn't it be funny if my burger had tomato and onion on it?" and then I unwrapped it and SURE ENOUGH. And we huffed and puffed and expletived and demanded that the car be turned around so we could go fuck some shit up (we were joking, we were not going to ruin some poor high school kids' day over a botched hamburger order, settle down). Then I looked down and said "oh, uh.... does your hamburger have bacon on it? Because, uh, mine does, and it wasn't supposed to...."

And then we howled with laughter and I had to eat the bacon deluxe because Collette was already halfway through my single with cheese. It could have used some ketchup.


Ha! That's too funny :) I love tomato but hate onion on anything.
Hee hee hee! Oops!

I am always the one with specific needs. The one who complicates even the simplest of fast food orders.

My husband is always the one who takes the wrong burger. Gah!

*head desk*
StephLove said…
You had me at grilled cheese food truck.

We always go to our town's folk festival, regardless of who's playing. It's music, mostly outside at a time the weather's usually nice (mid-September), and it's free.

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