There Were Two-Ton Kangaroos Before We Came on the Scene

It's been kind of a crappy week. I'll spare you the gory details, except to say that perimenopause is not for sissies and my already-dire iron levels are in danger of plunging even further. That coupled with the suffocating, enervating heat and humidity meant Monday and Tuesday were pretty much a write-off. Which was okay, I didn't miss anything important, Lucy and I spent some quality time in my reading chair in front of a fan with some pretty good books. The problem is always re-entry. I end up feeling like Rip Van Winkle, unsure about the customs and expressions in this world that's continued to rush by as I lay fallow.

I dragged myself out to book club last night with ill grace, after apologizing to my husband for snapping more than once (I know it only seems like the worse I feel the dumber his questions get). It was good. We had read Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari, which was splendid. He does an amazing job of making centuries of human history comprehensible and digestible, while also doing a fairly poor job of concealing that he thinks we are a complicated and fascinating plague on the face of the earth who should probably all commit ritual suicide. The title may as well have been Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind Sucking Hard at Nearly Every Opportunity. This naturally led to a spirited discussion between the idealists and misanthropes in the group. Also, there used to be marsupial lions in Australia. Marsupial. Lions.

It's meet the teacher night. Why do I hate meet the teacher night so very much? It's at a reasonable time. The set-up sounds logical and minimally chaotic. The weather is fine. Is it because going back to school stirs up all my old insecurities? I seriously would rather have a root canal right now and I really don't understand why. Of course, I actually do have to make long-overdue dentist appointments for myself and the kids and I'm not doing that either. I can't remember how to talk to people.

Eve and I had a really great week-end at a cottage with friends. This Sunday I'm going hiking in Gatineau Park. This is just a blip. I'll be okay. Well, not in the long run because clearly we're all doomed.


clara said…
1. Perimenopause is not fucking around, is she?
2. I, too, vary between "maybe things will be fine?" and "we'll all be ash by the end of 2020" on what feels like a daily basis.
3. Today it got hot again (28C? Not heatwave hot but hot nuf) after two weeks of nice, 15 degree weather, and I feel like someone doused me in smelly sock and left me to dry in a damp basement. I also feel like I smell like that. I probably don't smell like that. I'm sorry if I smell like that. I'm sorry you're blipping. I like you.
StephLove said…
I hope you can get your iron levels back up. That should make a big difference.

After the hottest September weather I can recall, I'm sitting at my desk next to an open window with bare feet and my toes are cold. It's delightful. And I need to go get some socks.
Nicole said…
Hmmm...I don't feel like that's a book I want to read.
I want to Skype into a meeting of your bookclub so bad!


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