Day 27

Seafood risotto:

Dave said he didn't feel like he could plate Janet's risotto without someone screaming at him that he's a piece-of-shit useless loser and the food is a steaming pile of raccoon feces. So we did. 

The aforementioned sweet potato gnocchi, arugula with orange-cinnamon vinaigrette and orange-basil mini-muffins (which were weird and off-putting when I tried the first one but grew on me, and everyone else loved them):

Grilled lamb and beet salad with walnuts and goat cheese (I think):

I forgot to take a picture of Collette's lemon soufflé even though it was my favorite thing ever in the whole world because I was drunk and eating lemon soufflé.

Over dinner we talked about politics and world events and how important it is to keep exposing yourself to viewpoints that aren't exactly like yours, and our kids. After dinner we went in the basement to listen to music and watch music videos, which inevitably results in everyone fighting over the controller, Mark loudly demanding Aerosmith and vintage REO Speedwagon, Dave playing weird Korean stuff and anything where someone gets spanked, and Margot falling asleep and then getting a second wind and torturing Mark and Michael with sappy Wham ballads. 

So pretty much a perfect evening. 


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