Sleepover of Awesome

I'm not sure how I feel today. If I evaluate how well I'm "doing summer", it comes out okay. I'm not hiding inside from the heat all the time; I've been to five baseball games and the beach. I've taken Eve shopping for groceries and clothes and had a blast doing it. It feels like we're more than two weeks in, which is good because it means we've packed a fair bit in. I did manage to dig up the weed-choked flower-and-herb beds in the back yard, but I haven't managed to top them up with soil and plant anything, so that makes me a little sad, although we're still in Schrodinger's trip territory - Angus's baseball team will win/will not win Provincials tomorrow and then we will travel/not travel to Calgary for Nationals (you heard that, right, Baseball Gods? WE MIGHT NOT WIN. No cockiness here. Outcome is uncertain). Which makes it hard to plan things like flower and herb beds that need daily watering.

I'm feeling a little unfocused. I'm phoning in my course work. I haven't blogged much. I'm reading the same amount, but little bits of a bunch of books instead of one long stretch of a single work, which I think is making me a little twitchy. Eve is in drama camp next week, so I should probably try to sit my ass down and read or write something for a couple of hours just to see if I still can.

Since we were too tired to plan a party or anything the last day of school, Eve invited two friends over for a sleepover the following Friday. Three girls doesn't always work that well, and I'm not someone who can pull off effortless parties, but these three mesh really well together, and a minimum of planning plus their effervescent personalities made the whole thing extremely amusing and entertaining.

First, some movie preparation: we went to Kernels and said "What's the biggest bag of popcorn you can legally sell us?" The girl said "Come back in twenty minutes". Added benefit:: once I was carrying this baby, she didn't want to go to Joshua Perets anymore, so I probably saved at least three times what it cost.

Preparatory lip-glossing, courtesy of Marianna's Mom.

Turns out bubbles are pretty much ageless in their appeal.

Is there any rule about three on a wand?

Eve enacts The Matrix with bubbles instead of bullets:

I know I'm easily amused, but is this not just pretty freaking cool?

Then they walked to Starbucks ALL BY THEMSELVES, and I was not worried, not a bit. Because who is going to tangle with a passel of badasses like this?

Then, the donning of the aprons. 

A few eggs may have been harmed in the filming of this segment of our evening.

They actually did all the mixing and measuring themselves, in between all the posing.

They did the icing themselves too - I'm sure you couldn't tell.

Then we turned Eve loose with an Icing Scribbler and a picture and voila - Dauntless Cake

Then they had supper, with fancy drinks.

And manicures, because they're all elegant and shit.

Fuzzy nail polish.

Then a movie - which I had seen on a list of "movies you should make your kids watch" and realized I had never watched myself. This resulted in the catchphrase for the rest of the party being "It's okay - it's the eighties."

Then air-mattress-blowing up, blanket-fluffing and tuck-ins. And an acceptably quiet level of hilarity until midnight or so (apparently Marianna is really bad at the Game of Life).

And the next morning. Still friends! And we have to get Marielle some unicorn pajamas. 


Sarah McCormack said…
looks awesome, and I just want to say that at Eve's age, Adventures in Babysitting was one of my favorite movies. I made my boys watch it.

p.s. Eve has incredible eyes. would love to photograph her some day!
Lynn said…
I don't think I had awesome sleepovers like this as a kid. I'd ask Eve to invite me to her next one but that would be weird. Totally not weird: throwing my own lip gloss/Starbucks/Divergent Cake/Unicorn Jammies sleepover. TOTALLY NOT WEIRD.
Dimitra said…
As the girls would say, "a day/night of total awesomeness!". Wait, that sounds like a quote from the eighties! They are making us relive it! But suddenly, we're cool for having lived in the eighties....I'll take it.

The pictures are so great! I love the poses and especially love Eve's reenactment of the Matrix with the bubbles! Bubbles are entertaining, I agree, no matter what age.
You are the best hostess ever!
I wish I had sleepovers like that as a kid too!
Maybe next weekend....
Julie Leclair said…
sleep over of awesome indeed. i want a grown up version. which basically includes all of the above and a little something in the fancy drinks. :)

and Eve is totally cool because i just bought that arrow shirt this weekend and am wearing it as i type.
Nicole said…
So fun! What a great time. I remember seeing Adventures in Babysitting in the theatre.

I wish you were coming out here but I guess I'll have to wait until October! xo
StephLove said…
What a great sleepover. When June had a friend over the other night I considered taking them to Chuck E. Cheese and then FroZenYo, but it's only second sleepover she's hosted and I didn't want to set the bar too high for the future.

It's true bubbles are ageless. I found my 13 y/o on the porch blowing them the other day.

N & I are reading Divergent aloud right now. We're near the end, past the time when she has Tobias in her fear landscape. I have to know-- from a preparing for embarrassment perspective-- how sexy is this series going to get?
Ms. G said…
Awesome without a shadow of a doubt! And the cake is a thing of beauty! I am a great judge of daughter made cakes : )

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