I'm just going to blog titleless for a while, okay?

Things are a little hard right now. Firmly in the 'first world' kind of hard, though. My dryer's busted. It stopped working just as we had decided to buy a new one BUT also just as Matt left for a week and a half in Japan, so we couldn't go shopping for a new one right away. We also couldn't go shopping for a new one the day after he got back from Japan because I left for Barrie to visit Zarah for the week-end. We're going shopping for a new one tomorrow, but who knows how long it will be before it gets delivered. In the meantime, you can't move in the basement without being slapped in the face or  caressed around the knee by a cold, clammy piece of reluctantly drying fabric. I hang a lot of things to dry anyway, but adding in having to hang sheets, towels, socks, underwear and dish cloths has made the process quite a bit more unwieldy. It's tiresome, but it's only tiresome because I'm accustomed to the ridiculously convenient way I usually do it.

Also, I'm feeling tired and mildly agoraphobic, but this is only because I've been away the last three week-ends, visiting my sister in London for Thanksgiving and then whooping it up in Montreal and Barrie with girlfriends. Poor me. This week-end we have a Halloween party and next week-end a dinner party. All the friends and plans and fun - it's misery, I tell you.

I did have a triumphant moment this morning. I got out of the shower, dripping wet and blind without my glasses and saw a huge spider sitting beside the wastebasket. I didn't stop to dry myself or put on my glasses or yell for Matt. I grabbed a kleenex and decisively swooped down on that monster, feeling like a total badass.

Yes sir. I really showed that immense piece of purple towel fluff who was boss.


Amber Strocel said…
You know what? Not having to come up with a title would take a lot of the pressure off. Titles are the hardest part of blogging for me.

I hope that things are a little less hard for you, soon.
Nicole said…
Better the dryer than the washer, am I right?

You are a social butterfly! I spent my Saturday night watching Breaking Bad and drinking.
Reading this post, I thought, Oh no, don't kill the spider! We don't (by which I mean, my husband doesn't) kill spiders around here, because they eat bugs we don't like.

As for bits of fuzz, I guess they don't eat bugs. So you can kill all of those that you want.
Ms. G said…
Fluffy the Fuzz Slayer ; )
At least you didn't scream at the spider and then find out it was fluff (or a sock) like I did the other day. I will channel your badassery. That's totally a word.
Hannah said…
My dryer was broken for a month this summer, and even with an outdoor clothesline and very dry weather it still sucked. If it was broken this time of year I would cry. So I feel you.

Swatting the purple towel fluff made me laugh a whole lot. :)
StephLove said…
Congrats on slaying the towel fluff spider. Those things can be vicious.
collette said…
It's the intent that counts! You thought you were killing a hideous spider, so, as far as the gods of bravery are concerned, you were.

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