Can You Hear Me Now?

I always come home from BOLO on such a high that I think I'm going to post about it RIGHT AWAY and the post will magically and immediately capture and convey the warmth and intensity of the evening. And then I don't. And then I can't figure out how. So maybe just read Patti's post, which says everything I want to say about it anyway.

I brought a camera but totally forgot about it. There were some acoustical glitches early in the evening, which made me sad and panicky, because I COULDN'T HEAR the first few BLOGGING OUT LOUDERS, which meant I was just downtown drinking beer on a Thursday night, which just doesn't happen in my world without a VERY GOOD REASON. We were at the Arrow and Loon, and while the courtyard area was gorgeous and accomodated us all nicely, the high ceiling was capturing the words and keeping them away from everyone at the back. So around the first break I wandered down and sat on a planter (I would have sat in someone's lap or stood in the fountain if necessary) and then coaxed down the rest of my group and all was right with the world again.

Lynn (all praise to the Magnificent Turtlehead, who busts her ass to get this baby off the ground every year for nothing but our thanks and slavish adoration) let me go first last year because I wasn't convinced I would be able to go if I had to listen to any of the others (who are always fabulous). I was nearer the end this year, which I was okay with. Then, Thursday afternoon, Lynn emailed and said someone needed a last-minute schedule change and asked if I would mind being moved to last.

LAST. As in, after every single other fabulous person. As in, I'm going to read and then everyone is going to get up and leave (because the event is over, but still...). As in, I'm RIGHT AFTER PATTI, who is EXTRA-fabulous.

Well what the hell was I going to say? No, because I'm a cringing insecure little pussy?

I found out later that it was Nadine who needed the last-minute schedule change because the burlesque show she was doing after BOLO had been moved to earlier. Well shit, anything I can do to facilitate Nadine taking her clothes off is just a service to the good people of Ottawa, so I could only feel good about that decision.  And the fact that the microphone started crapping out two people from the end, and I ended up doing my post partly with and partly without it? Minor. I am assured that people laughed at all the right places, but honestly, once I was up there I didn't see or hear anything except the paper in front of me, my slightly shaking hand, and one very nice woman at the front who smiled encouragingly every time I made eye contact with her.

I'm sad that my three friends from book club had to leave early because they couldn't hear, but so grateful that they came out. I'm sad that I didn't get to talk to more people - I understand why it would be difficult to do the event on a week-end, but it always feels a little Cinderella-ish at the end, this big whirl of emotion and then suddenly you're all alone on the dance floor going 'where did everybody go?'. I'm happy I got to meet a few more people I'd only known online. I wish I'd remembered to take pictures.

I blogged. Out loud. Neat.


alison said…
It was really, really good to finally meet you in the flesh rather than... in the ether? Sorry I was one of the Cinderellas who dashed off, but I had short-sightedly accepted a ride so that I could get totally pickled if need be to approach the mic. Turns out I didn't need the demon rum (cider, actually) and would have rather driven and stayed longer chatting with you and Amanda, among others. You were AMAZING! Especially considering the faulty microphone, and I laughed so hard at your recounting of the phone calls between you and your husband. I think Lynn got her Allisons mixed up, because at one point in the day she emailed and asked if I'd go last. I said, "you mean, like everyone will be opening for me and I'm the headliner??? Hellz yes." But maybe that was just too crazy for her and she emailed back and hung onto the status quo. Anyway. BOLO + Good time. :)
alison said…
That should totally be BOLO = Good time.
Patti said…
You rocked it, Allison. You are hilarious amplified or not.


My mom was so funny when she heard why you were moved to the end because of Nadine's burlesque show. Mom kept looking at me and saying, "Burlesque?" and I kept saying, "Yes, as in burlesque". And she would just say "Burlesque?" and I would say, "Yes. Burlesque. As in artful stripping." And then she'd say, "Burlesque?" It was a continuous loop.
Lynn said…
I thought this post perfectly summed up the evening. Some good, some bad, in the end, everyone goes home :). You were fantastic and it's always so lovely to see you and Pam and lord, everyone else.

Also, Patti's mom is just as funny as she is :).
Nicole said…
What did you read? I'm curious! I'm sure you did fabulous.
Julie said…
i hang my head in shame for missing it. but i was there virtually via twitter. does tht count? no, i didn't really think so either. must make it up. with wine. or martinis?
Alicia said…
Really wish I could have been there. I just re-read the post and I can't stop laughing! Must have been awesome IRL!
Wrath Of Mom said…
What post did you read? I'm dying to know. Also I think you are very brave for reading a post out loud. This is probably an argument in favour of NOT peppering every post with pictures of hot actors and overdosing on curse words as is my norm.
Pauline said…
Sorry I missed ya and the gang of Blog out Louders this year. I'm sure you were awesome though!
Yes, I feel for the last person ... most of us early-to-bedders have run off to pay the babysitter and hit the sack. But I stayed right until the very end. Totally worth it! :)

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