Moon Madness - brought to you by Surly Thursdays

Someone said it was a full moon yesterday, and although it's not on my calendar until Saturday, I believe her. I couldn't wake up in the morning. I got presents wrapped, got to the chiropractor and got a few key presents bought yesterday and I should have felt great but I didn't - I felt anxious even though everything was going fine, and exhausted even though I had plenty of time to get everything done. The kids have been waiting since Sunday to decorate the tree, and when Matt finally got the lights on and they could start, they -- who haven't fought in weeks -- were suddenly at each other's throats. They both put themselves to bed VOLUNTARILY a good fifty minutes earlier than usual. Matt had a conference call at ten and went to the bed at eight-thirty and slept until nine-fifty (he's sandwiched between a trip to China and a trip to Japan, so that was maybe less full moonish than an understandable confusion about which fucking time zone he should be adhering to. Before I put Eve to bed I read her this book before wrapping it up for my one-year-old nephew - we both cried.


Great. Just in time for my extensive volunteering stint at the school Christmas bazaar.

On the funny side: a couple of nights ago I poured myself a drink, then came and sat down at the computer, forgetting my drink on the counter. I asked Eve to bring it over since she was already up. She said "where is it?" and I said "it's right there beside you". She looked at it and said "Oh sorry -- I was looking with my man eyes."

She didn't get it from me - she got it from her teacher. I guess if I had a boy I might be bothered by that. But then I think about Angus when he's 'looking' for something and think - nah, probably not even then.


Mary Lynn said…
I'm always super weirded out when kids voluntarily go to bed early. I always wonder what they're up to.

My mom was a high school teacher and she swears kids were more rowdy and tough to deal with when there was a full moon.
clara said…
I believe the actual full moon is tomorrow (Friday) but I read once that the effects last three days on either side ... kind of like your period! ... and so I 'celebrate' full moon all week long. Yup. That's what I do.

Good luck tomorrow! In general!
Ms. G said…
Technically not 100% till Saturday but 97% can do just fine.

I think you got my full moon this month. Give Eve a fist bump for me, please : )
Nicole said…
I say this with absolute authority: the full moon is TOMORROW. But it's okay for things to go for shit right before the full moon. It's the most wonderful time of the year. Seriously, it's just that time where everyone is exhausted.

MAN EYES. Totally. I am in an all-male house and no one can find anything, ever. EVEN WHEN ITEM IN QUESTION IS DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF THEM.
StephLove said…
I couldn't make that joke, at least not to anyone who knows me. I'm horrible at finding things.
Anonymous said…
Speaking as Dayhome Lady, the full moon thing is REAL. So much so that I make sure I check on the calendar to see when the hell mouth will open wide and swallow me.

Today, for example, the kid who never naps fell asleep on the floor... whereas the kids who always sleep did not and are now struggling to keep quiet enough to suit the aforementioned Kid Who Never Naps.
That teacher speaks the truth... But she's probably asking for trouble by stating it.

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