And now I have Eve's cold...

...and she's running around in joyful circles singing about teriyaki and grumpy old trolls, the little bugger.

So I was watching this show, and a woman asked a man who had been in a car accident several years before, "did the accident leave you with neurological impairment?".

...and if it did, would he seriously be able to answer that question?

Yeah. Good TV.

That's all I got. We're having a family sleepover tonight (until my congested snoring drives them all whimpering back to their own beds), and Eve has been pajamaed, toothbrushed and tucked into the enormous chair-and-ottoman combination in my room since six o'clock.


Gwen said…
LOL! I once was watching AC 360, and good ol' Anderson Cooper was interviewing a single mother and her young children after a hurricane or something. AC said to the young child "What was it like when the power went out?". The kid said "Dark.". OMG did I laugh! Served Anderson right!
Nicole said…
This should make you feel better: I had an appointment today about my giant varicose veins and found out they need to be stripped the old-fashioned way. The surgeon, upon examining me, said "Wow. I've never seen such a bad case in someone your age. Usually cases like this are seen in women in their 70s." Yay me!
Drink some ginger lemon tea! Feel better.

PS. Even though I haven't read Room, I simply couldn't keep my mouth shut on that comment stream on Good Reads. I have to put my two cents in too. :)
Family sleepover sounds awesome - I hope it was fun and you're feeling better!
Wrath Of Mom said…
I would love to be tucked up in chair-and-ottoman cocoon. Sounds divine.

Hope you feel better soon.

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