Wordless (Lazy-Ass) Wednesday: Pardon Me, You're Standing On My Head


Kelly Miller said…
Is it wrong to say I totally know that feeling?
Julie said…
ok, dogs in life jackets are usually funny. that's frikkin' hysterical.
The Mayor! said…
LOL...too cute! And no worries my dear friend, I'm a mess too lately. I've decided to blame it on turning 40 & peri-menopause...certainly, I have noticed MAJOR depression accompanying PMS that I simply never suffered from before, even a year ago....anyways, blaming hormonal fluctations allows me to assure myself my sanity is still intact...whatever works right??!!

Ms. G said…
Now that's teamwork!!
I stopped by yesterday and my darn internet went out in the middle of my comment.
Kirsty Girl said…
Your dogs are CUTE!
Thanks for stopping by my blog! Love that your daughter is a Tim Burton fan! Me too! I love everything he's done.

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