Librarians Go GaGa

This is the kind of librarian I want to be when I grow up.


Anonymous said…
Those are some pretty cool librarians, I must say.
Fame Throwa said…
I can't believe I got halfway through that thing before I thought, "what the heck am I doing?"

Just goes to show you: I'm amused by anything.
The Mayor! said…
Kay, seriously, is it just me, or were every single one of them wearing glasses & rockin' the frumpy??!! Bahahahahahaha! But it just goes to show, there really is a bad ass inside everyone, waiting for a chance to shine!! Too funny!

Anonymous said…
Was it just me or were those librarians all f*cking awesome! And that all had ginormous boobs too!
Pamela said…
Cute! Well, kind of nerdy, actually but nerdy-cute!
Ms. G said…
This was great. My entire family including the cat just watched it, enjoyed it very much and applauded at the end...and then they stole the mouse and started looking up youtube video's so I had to wrestle it back from them.
Very funny, thanks for sharing!
Lynn said…
Hee hee hee...I love it that the girls in this video are so stereotypically librarian. I could totally fit right in there with them.

I'm kind of obsessed with Lady GaGa since the GaGa episode of Glee a few weeks ago. It was literally the first time I had ever heard Bad Romance or Poker Face, because I am just that un-hip (hey wait...I totally AM a librarian!). And now...LOVE. Can't stop singing them.

I want to make my own GaGa video. Maybe me and the kids will cook it up with the costumes in the playroom. It wouldn't be any weirder than an *actual* GaGa video (which I am now watching compulsively on YouTube, of course).

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