Surly Thursday: Keep it Above the Waistline, Sunshine

It's been a busier week than usual, which is to say not really busy, but Eve and I are easily overwhelmed women, so it feels very busy. In between everything else I am painting the entrance, hallway and powder room, so the coming-in and going-out part of the house is full of ladder and dropsheets and rollers and paint cans, and none of our shoes and keys are where they normally are. For someone who is frazzled even when everything is in the proper place, this is less than ideal.

Eve and I had doctor's appointments over the phone yesterday, which is fine, we don't even have to drive there and our doctor could not be lovelier. We were still both prostrate with anxiety beforehand and practically dead of adrenaline withdrawal afterwards. She was only about fifteen minutes late calling, but those were fifteen minutes of do we have the right date? Is the phone ringer on? What were we going to ask about again? Does this look infected? 

Anyway, it all turned out fine. Then I did some more primer, then I walked Lucy, then I took Lucy to the vet. She was not impressed at having to be in her carrier when the clinic's resident cat was lounging on the counter and strolling around like it owned the place because, well, it owns the place. I opened the zipper a smidge so I could pat her head, and then a someone brought a giant lab out from the back and she made a daring attempt to leap out of the two-inch opening and make sweet love to the lab or possibly mount a valiant but brief and doomed attack - I narrowly foiled this exciting endeavour, then brought her in to the exam room. She had to get two shots in her left rear flank and then have her temperature taken rectally - have you ever heard a dog literally bark "what the fuck?" because I have now. After a little more butt stuff, we went home where she proceeded to flop around huffily for the rest of the evening.

"Who was that lady and why was she so obsessed with my ass?"

Today Eve had a haircut after school, so I picked her up and we got End of Quadmester french fries in between.

That was fun. Wait, I am not doing well at being surly. Okay, what IS making me surly right now?

My right contact: I've always had more of a problem getting my right contact lens in than my left. I don't know why - presumably my right eye is even more wonky than my left. The past few times it's been worse than ever, requiring three or four tries, and in between I feel panicky and worried that it's never going to go in properly again and I won't be able to see or I'll have to wear my glasses and they fog up when I'm wearing a mask and it's all terrible.

Angus's contacts, to maintain a theme: He is due to run out of his daily contact lenses before he gets home, so he asked me to order him some more, with plenty of notice for a change, thank goodness. His optometrist's office ordered them to be shipped to us so we could ship them to him. First they were back-ordered so didn't get here for two weeks. Then I shipped them by UPS, who said blithely that they would be there today, when really what they should have done is looked at the label and said "well, they're going over the border, so really, who the fuck knows?" So apparently the FDA or FBI or whoever-the-fuck is presently examining them, and once they're released THEN UPS will deliver them within two business days. 

My hair: it's stupid. That's all. 

Someone I unfollowed because I assumed after she voted for Trump in 2016 that she had come to her senses, but it became increasingly clear that, after all his fuckery, she was still a Trump supporter (hawking Goya chick peas on Facebook to own the libs). This shouldn't still be making me surly, I was moving on, but every now and then I think about it again and get re-pissed off. 

Tomorrow I'm working an office shift at the school I was surplussed out of, which is great because I want to see everyone, but I haven't done a proper office shift since last year so I'm worried about not being able to do anything right. 

So not a bad week, over all. Closer to having nice new walls, some good solutions to deal with Eve's anxiety, and a gentle reminder that both Lucy and I are on the chonky side and should be mindful of our diet and exercise. But only one of us had to have our anal glands expressed. 


StephLove said…
I unfollowed six people during the Trump administration (mostly relatives) and of those six one unfriended me and another's not on FB any more. After the election, I considered the remaining four and re-followed the least insane one as an experimental measure. Turns out she's moving to Parler
POOR LUCY. Glad you had a good week, xoxoxo
Ernie said…
Laughing at Lucy's barking message. Good luck with the painting job. As far as I'm concerned, there are few things worse than contact lens issues.
Suz said…
Every time I take a dog to the vet and they take the temp rectally, I swear the dog looks AT me with the WTF thought bubble floating over their sweet head.
And I'm just guessing YOU were NOT the one who got their anal glands expressed? ;)

New to us is Teledoc. I've not used it yet, but have heard great things about this teqnique now.

I'm glad you had a better week, but did you have to mention french fries? Now, I'm craving them terribly.

I used to have issues with my contacts, but not with getting them in or out. Sometimes I would forget to rinse the cleaning solution off and then bam: BURN!

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