Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Sometimes You Do It Well, and Sometimes You Just Do It

Don't let the door smack you in the ass on the way out, November.

Oh wait, do. 

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Wordless... Tuesday?

There are only two female granddaughters on my husband's side of the family, born thirteen years apart. 

The other one visited us today. Her name is Lydia and she totally kicks ass. 

Monday, November 28, 2016

I Don't Feel Good Today

I know technically it should be "well", but that doesn't really capture it. I don't feel good. I feel bad. I'm having trouble finding the goodness. This makes me realize that I've had a pretty good November so far, partly because of everyone who commented here on what I'm not really that upset to admit has been my lamest NaBloPoMo ever.

I'm finishing my last course in my Library Tech Diploma. It's on Special Libraries, and the four assignments have all been progressive parts of setting up your own special library. The minute I hit send on my very first assignment, I realized that the library I had painstakingly set up was very slightly wrong for a special library. The instructor sent me a bunch of details about how it was, in fact, slightly wrong, but gave me an eighty percent anyway. So every successive assignment has been a struggle because it's all based on a flawed foundation, but I just didn't have the energy to go back and rework the first assignment. Bizarrely, I got a hundred percent on the second assignment, but she hasn't returned the third one yet and the fourth is due on Sunday.

I don't really care if I get a crappy mark in the course as long as I pass and can be done, but this assignment (it's about budgets, for fuck's sake) is giving me fits of anxiety and stomach-hurtingness. I keep trying to use the "if it will be okay, worrying won't help, and if it won't, worrying still won't help", but it's not really working because my brain is broken.

For something less whiny, here is a picture of Eve trying to get Lucy to hop on one foot and tilt her head because we'd given her a bath and thought she might have water in her ear.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Day 27

Seafood risotto:

Dave said he didn't feel like he could plate Janet's risotto without someone screaming at him that he's a piece-of-shit useless loser and the food is a steaming pile of raccoon feces. So we did. 

The aforementioned sweet potato gnocchi, arugula with orange-cinnamon vinaigrette and orange-basil mini-muffins (which were weird and off-putting when I tried the first one but grew on me, and everyone else loved them):

Grilled lamb and beet salad with walnuts and goat cheese (I think):

I forgot to take a picture of Collette's lemon soufflé even though it was my favorite thing ever in the whole world because I was drunk and eating lemon soufflé.

Over dinner we talked about politics and world events and how important it is to keep exposing yourself to viewpoints that aren't exactly like yours, and our kids. After dinner we went in the basement to listen to music and watch music videos, which inevitably results in everyone fighting over the controller, Mark loudly demanding Aerosmith and vintage REO Speedwagon, Dave playing weird Korean stuff and anything where someone gets spanked, and Margot falling asleep and then getting a second wind and torturing Mark and Michael with sappy Wham ballads. 

So pretty much a perfect evening. 

Saturday, November 26, 2016


Okay, so technically I missed Saturday, but I haven't actually gone to sleep yet so I'm going to say it counts. I was cooking most of the day for a dinner party (sweet potato gnocchi with maple cinnamon sage brown butter sauce, arugula with almonds and an orange cinnamon vinaigrette and orange basil mini muffins) and then actually at the dinner party, and then stumbling drunkenly home from the dinner party, but a high point of my day was when Eve called on the way home from her basketball game to tell me that her team lost by three points, which was frustrating, but she played really well and scored two baskets, and they were going to McDonald's, and also Daddy was being pissy because Angelica gets to pick up Angus when his bus from Burlington gets back home.

That may well be the longest sentence of my NaBloPoMo. Good night.

p.s. this is my 1066th post. Battle of Hastings!

Friday, November 25, 2016

It's Friday

It's Friday, so I ripped off something funny from Facebook again.

I'm also musing about how on earth, after looking at every single container of plain Greek yogurt at Loblaws trying to find one made with whole milk, and failing, and deciding to just get 2% milk fat stuff instead of 0%, I came home with Greek yogurt that was not only 0% BUT VANILLA-FLAVOURED.

At least I was wearing sensible boots.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Surly Thursday (not really)

Truthfully, I can only really be surly at myself today. And the stupid fucking weather. Doesn't it suck how much you think you won't fall prey to the inevitable depredations of aging and yet inevitably you end up needing reading glasses and hating fucking winter, when a few short years ago you blithely declared that you would miss living through the full might of all four seasons?

I had to go to the gym and a few stores to get ingredients for a dinner party recipe for the week-end. It was snowing and there was snow on the ground. I could have worn my old Bogs, which are no good for my back at this point but I wasn't going to have to walk a lot and I had my running shoes for the gym. Didn't. I could have worn my Docs, which would have at least offered nominal protection from the snow. Didn't. I slipped my feet into these low, fur-rimmed things I bought to walk Lucy around the block in the fall. The snow looked fluffy and light, but was actually heavy and wet and disintegrating into slush already, and here I was shuffling around in the equivalent of bedroom slippers.

And then there's the endless annoyingness of 'should I wear a jacket?' 'yeah, I should wear a jacket, it's cold, wearing jackets is what normal people do', 'now I'm too hot. I'm taking my jacket off', 'everybody's looking at me because I'm not wearing a jacket. Plus there's the slippers.'

Anyway, I made it to the stupid gym, and did my stupid workout, and almost left before remembering to change my stupid gym shorts back to leggings. Stupid Loblaws didn't have fresh sage, but Farm Boy did. I managed to get in and out of the Bulk Barn with only two things that weren't on my list, which has to be some kind of record.

I came home and decided to shovel the driveway since I was already sweaty and soggy. I put on sensible boots first. Lucy tore around in the snow and chased the shovel and was generally hilarious. Then I ate a grapefruit from the box of grapefruits that we bought from Tanis's daughter's band or something, and the grapefruit was magical. And the stupid slipper boots weren't even that wet.