Books Read in 2020: Four-Star Mystery

Last week I was almost out of hairspray - this hair doesn't work without spray, I'm not proud of it but there it is. I mean I was almost out of the good hairspray. I have backup hairspray, which is really just hairspray that I bought by mistake but discovered was too sticky. I usually get the good hairspray at my hair salon but it's closed. I feel really bad for them because they had moved and expanded not long before Covid started, and I'm really hoping they'll be okay. But also I can't get my hairspray. Sometimes I can get it on Amazon, but they didn't have it either. I was going to check the drug store, and then I remembered that I've been better lately at stocking up on stuff before I'm down to the dregs. I had zero memory of buying any, but I looked under the sink in the bathroom where I put the back-up contact solution and deodorant and there was a FULL CAN. This almost makes up for three days later when I ordered CPAP filters and then found th

Books Read in 2020: Four-Star Horror

My dog is too fat. I mean, we think she's a Chonky Thicc Queen( TM ), but she's small, and chihuahuas and chihuahua mixes have issues with their knees, and we want her to be healthy. And we control her food intake entirely, so it should be easy, right? DAMN, turns out it's really hard getting your dog to lose weight when you have your own weight issues. We already aren't terrible with giving her table scraps - Matt's mom used to give her dogs so many treats I couldn't believe they weren't perfectly spherical. But the vet wants her to try to lose a pound, which is a lot when you only weight about fifteen. They got us to buy some expensive weight-loss dog food (I KNOW SHUT UP) and said it was both palatable and would keep her feeling full for longer. Eve and I were skeptical because dogs like to eat like people like to eat, and it does not remotely always have to do with actual hunger. Well, they were partly right - she fucking loves the food, which has made h