Day 11

 I'm going to refrain from posting stupid details about my stupid life on Remembrance Day. Not sure what to do instead. Matt's grandfather - my very favourite veteran - is gone. Can't call or email him or take him to dinner at the Legion and be horrified when he heckles the peacekeepers. I wish there were no wars, but there are wars, and I would be really bad at fighting in them, so I appreciate the people who do, however messy and power imbalanced and problematic that whole deal ends up being. 


Ernie said…
My brother in law retired after being a 'lifer' in the Marines. That was not an easy lifestyle for the family as he had a few times when he was gone on a tour for 9 mos at a time. They also lived in Japan for a few years.

Tank is interested in serving. Not sure it will happen. I would be very honorable, but as his mother I think it would make me worry constantly.
Suz said…
I have much admiration for those who choose to serve; I certainly could not in that capacity.

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