Day 28! Wrecking My Home in the Home Stretch

 I almost said Day 29 because we watched a movie last night which we hardly ever do on Friday night so all day has kind of felt like Sunday. I am ever so slightly dispirited right now, only because we are at the point of doing stuff to the house where everything looks like absolute shite, which is a necessary part of it looking better than before but a very unpleasant one. And it's late again, and I really want to do a few more hours' work, but I'm trying not to stay up stupid late anymore. Leaving the kitchen looking like this is haaaard. So I want to thank Suz who just commented on my last four posts all at once and made me smile hard - and everyone else who comments because I feel like you're all walking me through one of the hardest months in the year, and I am very grateful. And also, commenting on a post every day for a month is hard and it's admirable that you're all not just saying "present" and going about your day while I am on my bullshit, honestly.

There is a bathroom organizer in my family room

The new range is here and it is spectacular. Of course, now I have to throw out the rest of the kitchen because it does not remotely measure up. Not really, but I am moving stuff around to make it look slightly more like I'm classy enough to own this oven. I started to clean out the upper cupboards in my usual fashion, which consists of just moving things around ineffectually and throwing out some expired breadcrumbs, but then I was thunderstruck by the revolutionary notion: what if I switched the middle and high shelves so the past and ziploc bags we need every day or two are easily accessible and the cornstarch and honey and pudding mixes that we need once a week or less were the things we had to stretch up on tiptoe to get? I tried to get my husband to acknowledge that this was a stroke of genius on my part. He saluted me from his crouching position painting the powder room baseboards, which was gratifying until a falling package of spaghetti hit me on the head. This was just validation for my decision, of course. Borderline concussive validation, but I'll take it.


I also didn't have to have dinner, because while going through the cupboard I ate some old chocolate, some kind of teriyaki cured sausage, some almonds, some cashews, some peanuts and some pine nuts, and half a package of Squish tea leaves. 

I love my new phone, but I just realized that although my old case fits on it, it covers part of the camera, so all the pictures had a weird blurry corner (or maybe my new phone is haunted, right Suz?) This is not a huge deal, except it takes me FOREVER to choose a new phone case, and I'm terrified carrying around my phone without one. I guess I can carry it around in the old case and just take pictures knowing I'll have to crop a corner off? Whatever, first world problems.

I also went through the stuff from the oven drawer because the new one is much less deep. It's just as well, honestly. Did anyone else ever fall for the silicone muffin tins and cake pans thing? They're non-stick! They cook evenly! THEY'RE FUCKING FLOPPY AND USELESS. Who the hell thought it was a good idea to put stuff that's going to be heated to 350 degrees in something that can't hold it's own goddamned shape? I'll keep the baking mat but the rest of that shit is out of here. 

Thus I have just confessed to spending my entire Saturday washing muffins tins and moving noodles around. Try not to hate me because my life is so glamorous. 


the queen said…
Bless you for outing the silicone bakeware for the crap it is. The Great British Baking show keeps trying to normalize it and it HOBBLES anyone using it.
BeachMama said…
Sounds like a fun filled weekend!! I never got into the silicone stuff for that reason alone.. I couldn’t figure out how it could possibly hold its shape!! I’ve had the silpat mats for years but they are held up by the pan.
OMG that is the worst stage of something, when everything is a disaster and you just have to keep going through to the end. I remember doing this when I was Kondo-ing everything and I looked around at the piles of everything and just felt like giving up. KEEP GOING IT'S GOING TO GET BETTER.

This whole post made me love you even more and I did not know that was possible. xoxoxo smoooooch
StephLove said…

In re feeling classy enough for your range, a plumber once told me he thought our bathroom faucets were too fancy for us. I have a new plumber now.
Tudor said…
Is it safe for me to say I LOVE the silicone stuff? However, I don't bake directly in it alone, and I agree that wouldn't be a good idea. I have full-sized silicone muffin liners which replaced the disposable parchment ones I used to use, and I just bought a silicone mini-muffin tray for the no-bake chocolate-peanut-butter cups I make because I'm very excited at the thought of just popping them out with no need for foil mini-muffin liners which unnecessarily kill the earth.
Ernie said…
I love this post. No need thank me for my comments as I so enjoy your posts. I ditto Nicole. You always make me laugh and I relate to what you share on the regular. Tonight I have to work on one of my final assignments for my writing for publication class and I am so happy to be distracted by your blog. I am SUPPOSED to be figuring out how I would market my book on social media. Come up with a social media handle? Please. I'm too old for that, like the stuff in your cabinets: I've exceeded my 'good by this date.'

I have been in that place where I have just emptied the entire girls' closet and I lose interest/energy/the will to live. (I painted a mural on their wall like 5 years ago which I love but did away with their dressers in the process and now everything must fit in their closet - sounded like a good artsy idea at the time).

I was trying to figure out what that was - a bathroom organizer. I have never heard of such a thing. Nothing is more life giving than realizing that kitchen drawers/cabinets can be swapped to make the day run smoother.

Soldier on. The end is near (meant that in a positive way but it comes off sounding gloomy).
And yes, I agree - Suz is a great blog friend to have.
Dimitra said…
I feel your pain. I agree with Nicole...Keep going.
I’m still struggling with my basement. I’m trying to organize a shelf housing albums and boxes of problem is getting distracted by pictures I find!

If you find yourself forgetting where you re-arranged things to...I can lend you my labeller. Speaking from experience!
Busy Bee Suz said…
I had a good laugh at your dinner choices from the cabinet! You always make me laugh.
Those stupid silicone baking things....what were we thinking? All our baking needs should be given the little blue pill-I want stiffness with my baking!

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