Day 29 - Ouch, I Have a Cramp

Get it? Because the finish line is in sight and now I'm cramping? Figuratively? I was actually on a Zoom call with the group that I usually cottage weekend with in the fall, and although I have come to hate Zoom calls it was really fun. Then I came upstairs and started to get ready for bed and realized CRAP I forgot to post, so I went back down half naked and my husband reminded me that my computer is called a LAPTOP for a reason (I am bad at laptopping. I always write sitting at the kitchen table. Apparently sitting at the kitchen table half naked is unclassy or something). He worked his ass off putting up Christmas lights and painting and putting up a new light fixture in the kitchen, though, so I left him to watch sportsball in peace.

Oh Tudor, of COURSE it is safe to defend silicone bakeware, you know I'm not married to any of my asshole opinions. Are you seriously supposed to put the silicone muffin tin or cake pan on a cookie sheet? I assumed that would interfere with the heat getting to the batter. And when I got them, Googling wasn't as easy as it is today, so I never bothered. So is a silicone baking mat just like using parchment paper? I'm all for being less planet-killy, but not if it makes my cookies less good. I haven't driven the stuff to Value Village yet, so maybe I will give it another chance. I do agree that getting mini muffins out of the tin is positively punishing.

I woke up with another boulders-crashing-around-in-my-head borderline-migraine. I feel like I haven't been completely headache-free for weeks. I love Ottawa, but I don't think the weather patterns do my head any good. I tried to uncrank myself by taking Lucy for a walk. It didn't really work, but at least I moved my cranky ass around a little, and Lucy met a dachshund she really liked. 

A bathroom organizer? You know, like it goes around and over the toilet so there are shelves for storage? I'm just answering random questions as I think of them now, I've taken some melatonin and things could get freaky.

I've had the song Without Love from Hairspray in my head for over a week now. It's a really good song, but OVER A WEEK. Do you get bad earworms? (feels more like a brainworm, honestly, I swear I wake up with it already playing in my head). This is why whenever anyone asks what album you would take to a desert island because it's your favourite and you could only ever listen to that forever, I just think why would you even pick something you love because you'd end up hating it and cursing it as you strap rocks to your feet and dive to a watery death.

I moved more stuff around today, and put stuff in the car to deliver to my parents tomorrow, and cleared the space in the basement where I start stacking Christmas decoration boxes for Matt to bring up. It didn't really occur to me that renovations were going to run into Christmas decorating, so we actually didn't end up decorating early this year like we planned to, but I think we're over the worst of the carnage, so we can start this week. 

One more day! Maybe I can get One Day More from Les Mis in my head instead, then I can complain about that next week instead. 


Oooh I love One Day More! I have had a song from the Hamilton soundtrack stuck in my head for months, not the same song, just random ones. Doesn't matter that I'm only listening to Christmas music now. It just creeps in.
Ernie said…
I am the type that never invests in updated baking gear. I have 3 drying racks and could use another 3 but it never feels like a priority or I never think to purchase them. I am intrigued by the silicone muffin holders but I would most likely do it wrong or worry that I would. I would think the same thing- sliding a cookie sheet under would wreak havoc.

I cannot remember the last time I had a song stuck in my head. So funny that you are not good at 'lap topping.'
StephLove said…
I'm sorry about the headaches. That sounds exhausting.

One positive thing about North's health is that their migraines have really decreased in recent years. We were told they would get better or worse with puberty, but more likely worse. Improbably, this went the right way for them.
Pat Birnie said…
It's the worst being partway through the reno/changes but you'll get to the end and it will all be worth it!

I have never tried silicone bakeware - I just don't trust that someday the so-called experts will realize that yes, it is leaching into our food, just like they have with plastic. In fact if you search you'll find this "Because silicone is considered chemically stable, experts say it’s safe to use and likely not toxic". Likely not? I prefer a more solid recommendation than that when it comes to my and my family's health!

Ear worms are the worst!! for me it's usually a song that I only know one line of - so it's the same 7 words over and over and over...I have even looked up lyrics so I can make the earworm less annoying.

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