Day 15: Happy Birthday, Barb. Wish You Were Here.

 So I woke up this morning - with a blinding headache - and Facebook informed me that it was my mother-in-law's birthday. Aside from all the crying, I find this kind of interesting. I have heard people say that they sometimes feel sad on anniversaries after someone has died even when they don't realize until later that it's an anniversary. I wonder if this is why I've been thinking about Barb so much this week. I kind of like thinking that we still carry people we love in our bodies this way, so that we feel them even when we don't know precisely why. 

This was from when we were visiting Barb and Bill at their summer house in Florida over March break a few years ago. We went to the Saturday market chiefly to see dogs. If the dog was in a carrier or a stroller (more common than you might think) Barb would just say "can you take him out?" so we could have full petting access. And everyone did. 

I like the new colour on the walls much more today. I want to text her pictures and have her tell me it's wonderful. I want to show her that we hung Nana's painting over Eve's bookshelf in her redone room and it goes perfectly. I want to pick out something pink to send her for Christmas. I want her to not be gone. 

This sucks. Zero out of ten, would not recommend.  


xoxoxoxo I think all the "big days" for the first year are just the hardest. I know that was true when my FIL passed. Come to think of it, it's four years ago tomorrow :( Which is funny, because yesterday I was just thinking about him.

Barb sounds like a really extraordinary woman; how lucky to have had her in your life. Lots of hugs and love to you.
StephLove said…

Grief's rough. I know she was very special to you.
Ernie said…
So sorry for your loss. Barb by the way shares a birthday with Coach.

I think it is a testament to Barb AND to you that you were so close. I don't know many people who were this close to their mother in law. It seems you were both so lucky to have each other.

Love this photo.
Suz said…
Big hugs to you. Those anniversaries are so hard. For my Mom's birthday, I do what she would have enjoyed on her birthday. A pedicure maybe? But always, always I have Mexican food with one or two of my dear friends and we have a Margarita in my Mom's honor; that was her favorite thing ever. Mexican food, Margaritas, and friends.

Please tell me you're gonna share paint color photos. If not, you can't speak of it any longer in my presence. ;)

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