I went to see Mamma Mia last night. It was enjoyable, although I realized that I have a very marked preference for a certain kind of musical, which this was not. I realize that musicals in general require a willing suspension of disbelief, but for me this only extends to people acting like they're in a play, and then every once in a while they all spontaneously break into song and dance. My willing suspension of disbelief does NOT extend to people singing dialogue to each other, such as "let's go oh-oh-oh-over to the kitchen and may-ay-ake scrambled eggs", or a person singing to one other person. Not only does it make me practically writhe with embarrassment for the person singing, it makes me feel desperately sorry for the poor sap who has to stand there being sung to and gestured at. Sure, it's all well and good to be the character emoting musically. What if you're standing there having to look eager and receptive, unable to scratch your nose or crack your knee until the song is over?

Also, the song "Our last summer". I hadn't heard it since I was ten or so, which was a good thing. I don't care how badly you need a rhyme for "Paris restaurants", or how Swedish you are, you do NOT get a free pass to pronounce croissants 'crow-iss-awnts'. You just don't.

Other than that it was great. Pam and I picked up Julie's friend Denise on the way down, which made the ride there almost as much fun as the actual play. Fortunately, Denise's sense of humour fit in nicely with Pam's and mine, which I was pretty sure it would since she was Julie's friend, but I could envision a scene in which the poor woman would have been lunging for the door handle in heavy traffic. Pam's laryngitis-induced horror-movie croak and the fact that she was driving her husband's vehicle, whose brakes are apparently MUCH, MUCH more sensitive than her car's, only added to the fun. What's a touch of whiplash between friends, after all? I think I feel a song coming on....


Mary Lynn said…
I am re-re-reading your blo-blo-blog and your post is so funny to meeeeee! But now I must go, yes I'm sad to say so, but I must go now and make me some teeeeeea!
Wrath Of Mom said…
(When I read Mary Lynn's comment I sang it in my head. It's very catchy.)

Now I'm going to dig up my dvd copy of Mamma Mia just so I can hear this wacky pronunciation of croissants.
Julie said…
ml made me snort.

do they really do that to croissants? that really is unacceptable.

now i want croissants.
Bridget said…
Mary Lynn is hysterical! We watched Mama Mia when it came out on DVD. I sort of liked it, no one else in the family did, though.
Pam said…
ML is so talented! I wonder if she can make a musical about whiplash? 'Twas fun and I'm glad Denise didn't lunge into traffic. I can't believe you didn't find the whole thing believable though. Weird.
Mary Lynn said…
Hee...I made Julie snort!

I'm getting all blushy at the comments here.

And funny enough, I DID try to write a song about whiplash but it just wasn't going well, so I switched to the song I ended up with.
Trooper Thorn said…
I often break into song in place of dialogue with another person. Now I will worry if they are secretly cringing on the inside.
I don't think I know that song. Or I've never paid attention. I've seen the movie but it occurred to me a few years ago that with the exception of White Christmas and possibly Grease, I don't enjoy musicals so perhaps I should stop forcing myself to go to them. I can tell you that most of my friends, and my mom, were not happy with this discovery of mind. I don't think they believe me. But it's true. I really rather go to a straight-up play. However, if I was ever in Ottawa and you all asked me to go to Mamma Mia, I'd go. Yes, I would.
Dennis said…
Thanks, I thought this really interesting. ABBA are timeless and true icons. I will definitely be back again to check in with your website again. Great Job.

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