Getting Down on Friday

I have finished my last assignment for my course. I have started on the mountain of laundry in the basement. I have debated whether or not to boot Eve and her friend off of the computer, decided not to mess with contentment, and been vindicated when they raced upstairs to her room to play some make-believe game involving teleporting and recorder playing a few minutes later.

It's World Trivia Night tonight - my third with the inimitable Turtlehead (my first without Julie - boo to no Julie). Of course I don't feel like going right now because, well, I never feel like going anywhere if we're being brutally honest, unless 'anywhere' includes up to my bedroom with a book. Once I get there it will totally rock. Especially if I can cough up an answer that has something to do with something other than my knowledge of bad tv shows and their actors (we all know that's not going to happen, but it's a nice thought.

So in the spirit of getting a lazy-ass post up before I forget and leave the house and don't come back until some insanely late hour like, ten-thirty p.m., enjoy this (totally not safe for kids or work. Unless you work someplace really, really cool, in which case, maybe grab me an application). Sent to me by my awesome friend Patti's awesome friend Helen.


Helen Abbott said…
don't bother following my twitter account unless you're interested in technical writing. I do not tweet anything interesting from this account, especially not the link in this post. OK except for the occasional safe retweet from patti_exhale.

if you're interested in technical writing, don't bother following me either because you're probably not very interesting.

I think I just insulted myself there somehow.
Wrath Of Mom said…
Trivia NIGHT?! I'm so jealous -- because I am:
a.) very competitive and
b.) ridiculously proud of the amount of useless information I know. Except about sports. When it comes to trivia questions about sports I answer either "78 to 79," Joe Dimaggio, Jesse Owens or spit-ball.

Good luck!
Mary Lynn said…
I just followed Helen, though not without confessing that I am a technical writer, and therefore possibly quite boring. However, I also noted that I'm a friend of yours, so possibly not quite so boring after all.

Hope you're having a great time at World Trivia Night!
Hey! I never feel like going anywhere either. And then I'm totally fine once I get there. Without fail I usually spend a large amount of time trying to come up with a plausible reason to cancel an event and then I always come down with a headache and then I drag myself there only to be totally happy I'm there. Now if it was trivia night with you, I'd be all over that. Probably.
Lynn said…
Count me in on the group that never wants to go anywhere. EVER. I have to drag myself out the door at all times. I am always 10 minutes late leaving because I am such a procrastinator at the door - are these the right shoes? Let me just grab a magazine, in case I need it. Do I have enough cash? I feel like a glass of water.

SIGH. Someday I will embrace the world! In the meantime the house is SO very comfortable.
Finola said…
I think a lot of us blog because we don't like to leave the house. I always have to psych myself up to get out.

World trivia night sounds like a good reason though. Can you write about it for tomorrow's post?

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