An Angus post just to even things out

Angus has grown up exhibiting a lot of my anxiety-related traits. He sometimes obsesses over things. He needs to know what's happening next. He's not comfortable with uncertainty. Now since he's - unlike me - a boy, and - very unlike me - athletic, playing sports has helped with a lot of this. He's come extremely far in terms of confidence and self-esteem, which is nice. But he's still asked me every day this week if he's sleeping over at his friend Noah's on Thursday night and if I've talked to Noah's mother and learned any additional details of which he should be apprised immediately, if not sooner.

Today I got an email from his English teacher that the Scholastic order had come in and, though he said he pre-ordered the new Diary of a Wimpy Kid book, she didn't have a form for him.

I stared, aghast, at the computer screen. I remembered him attacking me with the form and demanding that we order the book two months ago so that he could get it on the first day it came out. I had visions of him melting down in the middle of the classroom. I emailed the teacher back that we had absolutely ordered the book and to let me know if she didn't have one for him so I could go to Indigo and pick one up.

Then I wondered if I should go before I picked him up from school, or if we could go after I picked him up. Then I thought, wait. I know I haven't been feeling totally right this week - Eve was sick and we were shut in last week and, well, it's November. I need to call someone and run this by them so I know if I'm overreacting.

No one was home.

So I called the school and got them to tell Angus to call home.

He was not upset in the least. I told him we could go to Indigo and get a copy and he said "we already ordered it, why would we buy another one? Just wait until they figure it out."

Angus is a hundred percent fine. I, on the other hand, am in dire need of something which clearly I have not yet been prescribed.


Mary Lynn said…
I soooo relate to this. Hana has had issues with anxiety, similar to how I did when I was a kid (and still do now, though thankfully to a lesser extent). Sometimes the expectation that she will react badly to something is enough to throw me into a complete tailspin.
Nicole said…
Do not talk to me about the Diary of a Wimpy Kid book. I am running the Scholastic book fair this week and they DIDN'T send any. But they did send an order form, so I have to tell all the super excited kids that they have to wait until next week.
Alicia said…
1. Thank you for taking part in NaBloPoMo.
2. This one made me LOL. Good for Angus for being so chill. I would have totally reacted the same as you!
I feel all keyed up just reading this. Is this a testosterone/estrogen thing? Maybe it is.
StephLove said…
This kind of relates to your not-knowing-if-they're-really-sick post. Sometimes it's just hard to predict how kids are going to react. It's always nice when something you think is going to be a big deal, just isn't.
clara said…
Yesssss. The anticipation is way worse than the eventual event.
I have inherited this from my father and passed in on to Panic Barfer, my son.

It's two sided: we are all well organized, and helpful in an emergency (not so much 3.5, but he will be someday) because we've already envisioned it. But, if no emergency is forthcoming, we just look a bit *woo woo*.And are fairly insufferable while we walk around chanting about doom and gloom and the sky falling.

I can see how sports / activity would help with this. I feel much less stressed after I've worked up a sweat.

Hope you get the book!
Bridget said…
Oh my gosh, Kyle is the same way! He likes to know his schedule ahead of time. I understand it, but it drives me nuts sometimes.
Betsy B. Honest said…
Yup, me and my number 1 go through this rigamorole too. And she often surprises me with an, "Oh well, I'll got to her birthday party next year," or some such calm and level-headed response to the dissapointments I level at her.

Then again, sometimes she's really not calm and level-headed. Usually when I'm not stressed out enough. The rule seems to be, someone should stress out.

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